State Giving Watertown Nearly $1 Million for Community Preservation

The following announcement was provided by the City of Watertown:

Watertown’s Community Preservation Committee is pleased to announce that the Commonwealth has released $203,645 more to Watertown’s Community Preservation Fund, bringing the total annual state match to $956,905 for our City. These resources are a supplemental distribution from $20 million in state surplus funds for Community Preservation Act (CPA) communities in fiscal year 2022. State matching funds come from fees assessed on certain real estate transactions through the registration of deeds. For the past fiscal year, the state match equaled 38.5 percent of the CPA funds raised locally. Mark Kraczkiewicz, current chair of the CPC, said, “These matching state funds of nearly a million dollars confirm the wisdom of Watertown voters when they adopted the CPC.

Historic Paintings Removed from City Hall to be Restored Using Community Preservation Funds

Charlie BreitroseEmployees from Maquette Fine Arts Services prepare one of the historic paintings in City Hall’s lobby to be removed from the wall for restoration. Stephen Munroe of Maquette, center, speaks with art preservationist Louise Orsini, right. Friday morning a quiet sense of anticipation filled the lobby of Watertown’s City Hall. The marble covered atrium was filled with history lovers and art preservationists waiting to see what secrets are held by a pair of paintings dating back to the early 1930s. The towering paintings have been inset into the walls of Watertown’s Town Hall (since 2021 City Hall) since it opened in 1932.

First Two Community Preservation Projects Approved; Will Rehabilitate Park, Restore Historic Paintings

Designs for the improvements to Irving Park. The project was recommended by Community Preservation Committee for approval from the City Council, which did so on June 21. A park in Watertown will get a face lift and paintings in City Hall that are showing their age will be refurbished in the first two projects in Watertown approved to use money from the Community Preservation Act funds. On Tuesday night, the City Council unanimously approved the two projects recommended by the Community Preservation Committee. Community Preservation Committee Chair Mark Kraczkiewicz thanked the groups that brought forward the projects.

Help Shape Watertown’s Future by Taking Community Preservation Survey

The following announcement was provided by the City of Watertown:

Help shape Watertown’s future in the areas of open space, community housing, outdoor recreation, and historic preservation. Learn about the first Watertown Community Preservation Act (CPA) projects to be recommended for funding in the process too. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey to inform the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) in updating the Community Preservation Plan. According to CPA law, we must hold a public hearing and prepare an annual update of the Preservation Plan—that means hearing from you. Take the survey –  Community Preservation FY 2021-22 Community Survey

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