LETTER: Council President Candidate Thanks People for Help and Support

Dear Editor,

I am gracious for and wish to thank all who voted for me on Tuesday, Nov. 3. While we fell short of being elected, I met some absolutely fantastic old and new friends. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and discussing the community’s journey into the future. This is a great community; and by being a candidate for an elective office, it contributes to your lifelong learning. As I travelled around each day and met someone new or old, during conversations, I learned something new and a different perspective from my own point of view that I had not considered.

LETTER: Elected Town Council Candidate Thanks His Supporters

Dear Editor,

My sincerest thanks to each voter, volunteer, supporter, and family member that each contributed towards electing me as a Town Councilor At-Large on Tuesday. I appreciate the opportunity you have given to me and look forward to serving you all honorably during the coming term. I pledge to collaborate with residents, town departments, and fellow councilors to ensure that we improve the quality of life and infrastructure in our community, while celebrating and enhancing our historical heritage and cultural diversity. There will be many opportunities for residents to remain engaged during the next two years, as Watertown will continue to be faced with challenges and opportunities that will require dialogue and debate. Please participate in that process, either by reaching out to your councilors via phone, email, or face-to-face.

LETTER: School Committee Chair Reflects on Watertown Election


I am extremely grateful to the voters of Watertown for their continuing trust in my work to support the Schools. None of that work ever happens without the robust assistance and counsel of other citizens. 

Thank you to all who participated in the election process, and who helped bring attention to the vital role that education plays in nourishing a healthy and welcoming community. Out of these discussions will come new good ideas and energy and participation. Congratulations to Kendra Foley and Candace Miller for their success, and thank you to Julie McMahon and Mike Shepard for being willing to put themselves and their families to the personal test that an election represents. I look forward to serving the School Committee and the School community in whatever way I can be most useful.