City Manager Commits to Building a New High School Without Sacrificing Education or Green Features

Ai3 ArchitectsA rendering of the main entrance to Watertown High School from Columbia Street. Watertown has plans to build a new high school which will create enough energy to cover the amount needed to operate the building, be equipped with state of the art equipment and technology, and will educate students for decades to come. Even facing climbing construction costs, City Manager George Proakis vowed that the new school will be built.

Watertown will get a significant portion of the new high school reimbursed —  $44.2 million — by the State through the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). The cost of the project approved by the state was $138.6 million, but since the approval in March the cost of construction has escalated. In July, the School Building Committee approved “value engineering” steps to use less costly materials and reduce the scope of the project to keep it on budget.

Watertown Schools See Influx of Students at Elementary, High School Levels

Charlie BreitroseThe new school building at Cunniff Elementary School, along with the new Hosmer School have seen an increase of enrollment this fall. Watertown High School has also grown. More students arrived at the Watertown Public Schools than expected this fall, requiring the addition of some new classes, teachers and support staff. Superintendent Dede Galdston told the School Committee on Monday that she believes the district’s new schools are part of the draw. The 2022-23 school year is the first that students will spend the whole year in the new Cunniff and Hosmer elementary school buildings.

Council Approves $4 Million to Help Cover Rising Cost of High School Project

Ai3 ArchitectsAn illustration of what the outside of the new Watertown High School will look like. The cost of constructing the new Watertown High School has risen since the budget was sent to state officials, and one of the steps to cover the gap of $14.47 million was taken Tuesday when the City Council approved transferring $4.175 million

City Council President Mark Sideris, who chairs the School Building Committee, said that the rising cost of construction was a major part of the increase in the project budget over the $138.6 million budget approved by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. “We on the School Building Committee have been working since 2018 on school projects. Our first set of projects went very well, and are still on, or slightly under, budget and came in earlier than expected,” Sideris said. “When we got to the high school COVID happened.

Congrats to the 2022 Watertown High School Graduates

Members of the Watertown High School Class of 2022 throw their caps in the air. Congratulations to the 149 members of Watertown High School’s Class of 2022! The seniors graduated at Victory Field Friday evening. The Class of 2022

(+ Cum Laude Society, # National Honor Society, * Seal of Biliteracy, % Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction)

Millicent Anne Abboud

Marc Abizeid Daou

Jasmine Amani Affany

Kawish Ahmad

Mahera Ahmed

Mashaim Ahmed *

Alishba Amin #

Mason Benjamin Andrade #

Mary Anoush Ashbahian #*

Ariana Rose Aufiero

Gabriel Avedis Avakian #

Yaren Basboga

Bailey O’Connell Beirne

Livia Freire Brandao %

Theresa Elizabeth Cabral

Karys Elizabeth Cafua

Colin Vincent Campbell

Margaret Ann Cavanaugh #

Jesse Francis Cavarretta #

Philip Richard Centola +#*

Paula Cepeda-Taco *

William Cohen Connolly

Lara Catherine Cordeiro #

Michael Thomas Cormier-Luce

May Gelband Cort

Joseph Rocco Cottone

Madison Lee Cummings #

Sadie Elizabeth Currier-Brown

Maria Vitoria Lima DaSilva *

Gregory Aram Davidian

Edgardo Raul De La Cruz Chambergo *

Emanuel Filipe de Oliveira Carvalho

Marcelo Candido de Oliveira

Walef Emanuel Soares De Paula

Ali Abbas Dia

Devin Vinicio Diaz

Matthew Steven DiDucca

Brenden Sean Donovan

Zineb Drouzi *

Ana Ruth Duarte Cordero

William Edward Dyszczyk

Antonia Grace Erickson

Melissa Nicole Escamilla Flores

Catherine Rose Penczar Fabian +#

Claire Elizabeth Penczar Fabian +#

Emma Lindsey Fallon #

Sean Francis Finn

Sophia Raquel Garapetian

Audrey Ann Oliva Garland

Merideth Pauline Green +#

Manka Mehmedova Hadzhieva *

Joseph Patrick Haggerty

Daniella Andrea Hagopian

Anas Mohammed Haloui

Benjamin Harrison Heep

Fathema Heidari

Mona Ali Houjazy +#*

Noah John Houjazy

Viktorya Hovhannisyan %

Deion Howe

The WHS seniors enter Victory Field for Friday’s graduation ceremony. Eleni Sarah Hum +#

Dayra Yecenia Jimon

Jenna Julianna-Brussell Johnson

William Anthony Jokic *

Jack Christopher Jones +#

Catherine Sauda Namudu Jumba %

Alize Jatuporn Kamkaew

Lena Marie Karaguesian #

Hirusha Akalanka Karunaratne

Eva Carter Kelleher

Teju Kim

Leah Evelyn Knipper-Davis +#

David Khachek Kostikian

Niv Amelie Krasnow +#

Pierre Paul Frederick Labossiere

Taylor Allyn Lambo +#

Anthony James Lampasona

Devlynne Alexandra Loder

Bianca Romina Lopez Polanco *

Sabrina Siomara Lopez +#%

Carly Morgan MacCormack +#

Malcolm Thomas MacDonald

Michael Andersen MacNeill #

Alejandro Harry Maguire

Rio Joseph Maguire

Tobias Christopher Magzelci

Ameir Hasan Mahmoud

Gianna Rose Mariano

Nathan Eli Master

Sean Anthony James McCusker

Maressa De Oliveira Meireles *

Mercy Daliana Mejia Pocon %

Anna Maria Michaelidis

Ellie Marie Monahan

Luiz Henrique Dos Santos Mota

Ngaatendwe T.G Moyo

Aryaman Narendra Nagaraj

Caio Negreli *

Isabella Joy Nitschke

Jared Thomas Norton

Patrick Kizito Nsubuga

Giancarlo Nunez

Kara Ann O’Neil

Da’jon G’Vonni Offutt

Melissa Elizeth Orosco Barrios *

Colin Paul Owens

Zachary Hiro Paquette

Ronak Mukesh Patel

Adam Christopher Patterson

Andrea Elizabeth Penalis

Camndon James Reed

Lameh Abdulkader Rifai

Beatriz Oliveira Rocha

Lucas Negrini Rogge *

Cristina Isabel Romero

Neythanial Rosario

Patrick Joseph Rourke

Isaac Lambert Russo

Rey Enrique Sanchez Soto

Yunel Yunior Sanchez Soto

Ramon Marshall Sara

Sargis Sedrakyan #

Ivy Rose Williams Seek +#

Shivani Sharma #

Lucy A Simonian

Joseph Scott Spinelli

Aram Shant Stepanian

Ari Steve Stepanian

Laura Elizabeth Terry

Watertown’s seniors gathered for the last time to get their diplomas on Friday evening.

Watertown High School PTSO All-Night Party is Back, Funded by Donations

The following announcement was provided by the Watertown High School PTSO:

The Watertown High School PTSO is excited to bring back the All-Night Party for the Class of 2022. Our goal is to provide a safe place for all of our students to celebrate together one last time, free of chemical substance or alcohol, under adult supervision. The All-Night Party is supported by donations and ticket sales. It features entertainment, food and fun-filled activities for our graduating seniors. Teachers, parents, civic and community members volunteer their time as chaperones.