LETTER: Council Candidate Invites Public to Campaign Event


The Committee to Elect Michael Dattoli is hosting an event on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at Conley’s Pub and Grille. All residents are welcome to attend and learn more about Michael’s campaign for Town Councilor At-Large. The event begins at 7  p.m.  Conley’s is located at 164 Belmont Street in Watertown.  

Michael Dattoli
Candidate for Councilor At-Large

LETTER: Resident Responds to Endorsement of 7 of 8 Town Councilors

To the Editor:

I have been told that John Airasian has done many good deeds for the town of Watertown. For those things I thank him. But his recent letter, with an endorsement of seven of the eight incumbent candidates for Town Council, was not one of them. Based on a single issue, and tacitly snubbing one of Watertown’s finest citizens in the process, it was a irresponsible and misguided statement.