One thought on “Watertown Firefighters Sign 3 Year Contract with Raises Each Year

  1. I’m happy that the Firefighters didn’t have to wait six years again to get their contract signed . Congratulations!

    These firefighters are under such stress by being so undermanned – they are remarkable and caring.
    They need much more manning -Now added to their responsibilities we have all this continual outrageous hirise development east and west!
    What is the priority a social worker and a transportation planner -or increasing the minimum manning of the Firefighters? I am redundant -but before all this development, hirise buildings , elderly complexes etc I was one of the youngest town meeting members and Watertown had 25 firefighters -minimum manning assigned to 4 groups every single day and night -now it varies from 16 to 17.
    Our firefighters are in danger and so will our residents when firefighters are expected to do the impossible .
    We had 2 fires last week that Joe Toscano and his group fought .
    We will never forget -rest in peace Joe.

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