LETTER: Be Warned of Athenahealth’s Gift Horse’s Impact on Parks, River


To who it may concern;

I believe the residents should not look at the Golden Calf too closely, lest they be blinded by greed.

I believe AthenaHealth wants CONTROL over Watertown. What better way to get it is to offer money. LOTS of money.

I believe in helping the town (towns people) with improvements which will definitely be needed after they are done with their Arsenal project.

I do not want them tampering with our parks or near our waterways. I also believe in the democratic way of doing things. Not a handful of people in control of our lives. Everyone needs to get in on this issue.

Someone has already violated our Arsenal park when they shut down our one and only beloved street hockey rink, where I used to watch them play, with so much zest!

I emailed this person and asked Why? Didn’t she realize there was an opioid crisis going on in our state.

They should be giving the men and children more activities. She told me land was hard to come by. She replaced the court with wooden boxed planters on an asphalt surface. Not even a real victory garden like the ones on the Charles river. There was no input from the people on this, it was just taken. I am very afraid for the for the future of the natural beauty of the park. Will they take away the kids skate board and basketball nets next? Please notify the Parks Department and those in charge of land along the river, before the greed becomes overwhelming!

Please help the town to get involved and don’t be fooled by the GIFT HORSE!


Respectfully yours,
Cathy Kyriakides
Watertown Resident

2 thoughts on “LETTER: Be Warned of Athenahealth’s Gift Horse’s Impact on Parks, River

  1. You can say goodbye to more of the active space in Arsenal Park soon. The developers of the Arsenal Yards (Mall) want the courts in back of their property gone. The town is supposed to be forming a Committee to decide what will happen to Arsenal Park, but it hasn’t yet.

  2. The developers of Arsenal Yards seem to have no interest at all in Arsenal Park and they are still drooling at the prospect of opening up a back entrance to the mall to route even more traffic through little Greenough Boulevard.

    Yes, some of our appointed town officials are blinded by greed. These developers need to be reigned in and closely supervised. Otherwise, as the first author said . . we can kiss our riverside parkways goodbye!!

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