11 thoughts on “LETTER: Governor’s Council Candidate Defends Mailers, Shares Endorsements

  1. I will vote for an independent person like Devaney instead of a person who will do whatever the progressive platform tells them to.

  2. Judge Feeley should be taken off the bench. He is soft on crime and specifically, on drug dealers. He let a guy off who was selling drugs because he said he was just supporting his family. How many people did this guy potentially kill while dealing drugs? Do we want people let go to continue selling drugs? The police spent a lot of hours watching this guy and all their work was wasted. Feeley also has a record of being soft on criminals in other cases to the detriment of all of us. Marilyn checks into details before voting; she doesn’t go along to get along!

  3. Dear Watertown News and Mr. Carter:

    May I please be frank?

    First, you Mr. Carter are a wealthy lawyer.

    You and the some 50 lawyers in the Boston law firm (Todd & Weld) you work for will have a huge CONFLICT OF INTEREST when you appear before the very judges YOU vote on! You should not be on the Governor’s Council.

    Second, contrary to your deceptive statements, Marilyn Petitto Devaney is second to none when it comes to voting for a diverse selection of QUALIFIED judges.

    Ms. Devaney has voted for many women (Justice Budd), African Americans (Justice Ireland of the SJC, for example), Jewish persons (Judge Gants), Gays (Judge Lenk), Asians (Judge Duffy), and a whole lot more too numerous to list.

    Marilyn has also been endorsed by Cong. Capuano and Cong. Lynch and many more prominent Democrats.

    Mr. Carter, you are absolutely shameless in your trying to deceive the public and use race and ethnicity to rile people up. That’s called “race-baiting”.

    Sir, you are NOT qualified to be a Governor’s Councilor – you are deceiving people. We do not need more deceivers in positions of public responsibility, do we?

    If Marilyn votes against someone, it is because she feels they are not qualified. She has
    long experience in interviewing persons to be judges. You do not.

    Again, Marilyn does not vote for someone just because of their race/ethnicity/religion.

    Marilyn is a full-time Governor’s Councilor, while you would only be part-time as you are a lawyer. That is one more reason you should not even be running for this position.

    Marilyn was active in fighting denial of the Christian Armenian Genocide when people like you in Newton and elsewhere had been silent for many years because you did not wish to offend the “powers that be”.

    Marilyn took the high road. You didn’t.

    I would not vote for you if you were the last person on Earth, and I encourage others to vote against you and for Marilyn.

  4. The rap on Marilyn Devaney seems to be that she is a free and independent thinker. Well, that’s fine with me. I very much prefer it over a knee jerk party liner like Nick Carter. I also find that his I’m more progressive than you attacks on Devaney are immature, hollow, and unfair. Not every progressive judicial candidate is fit to be a judge. Devaney is able to make those distinctions. They seem lost on Carter.

  5. Nick –
    If you’ve got Maura Healey’s endorsement them your the person to vote for.
    Not that I’m so against Marilyn but after she pushed for snow insurance that was never used when she was in the Watertown counsel I have been kind of suspect.

  6. I think that this Nick Carter is being untruthful about Ms. Devaney’s real record on diversity.

    And if he’s not telling the truth about that, what else is he being untruthful about?

    I don’t like that sort of dishonest “the ends justify the means” campaign tactic. The kind of person who uses such tactics does not belong on the Governors Council.

    I am sorry but that’s how I feel.

    I like the fact that Ms. Devaney is a full-time Councillor. That’s her job. Mr. Carter, on he other hand, has a law practice and will clearly be just part-time.

    Carter may also appear as a lawyer before the very judges he will vote on. That’s not a good thing.

    My vote goes to Ms. Devaney.

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