11 thoughts on “Students Lead Effort to Bring Kingian Non-Violence, Reconciliation Circles to WHS

  1. May I ask some questions, please?

    Are there problems at Watertown High School, such as race riots, KKK meetings, and students beating each other up that require this “Kingian” intervention?

    This article says, “Kingian training is a powerful tool to deinstitutionalize racism in schools.”

    Is that so? Where, may I ask, is the “racism” in the schools? Are the students at each others’ throats? Segregated classes/water fountains/cafeteria? Are there cross-burnings?

    Examples, please.

    Are the school authorities not able to contain such rampant violence and racism?

    Maybe it’s time to bring in the police and expel some students.

    No, I think that such problems are actually rare, and that the real purpose of bringing in outside programs is for certain highly politicized Watertown teachers and outside organizations with an agenda to socialize the students into a certain political mindset.

    One would think that the schools would have their hands full just teaching such out-of-favor subjects as reading, writing, and mathematics.

    • There have been(unfortunately) a number of issues at the WMS in the past years. This along with bulling is an issue throughout the US. If you are not a parent you may not be aware of these issues. Rascim doesn’t always show itself in overt violent manners which would then bring in authorities. If we are teaching our children to be non violent and to respect others along with listening to other points of view, then we are creating a better human. I would think that politics aside, doesn’t matter what your politics, these are all decent human values.

        • This is learned bias which the training helps by starting discussion. Maybe we should expand to adults in town too. I certainly have friends-family of different politics than mine as does my daughter. Teaching tolerance means discussion and an attempt to understanding both sides in a non violent manner.

  2. Carl, what you described is extremely violent overt racism. More often nowadays is covert racism, which is far more prevalent and equally troubling than the former. If you’re going to speak on High School issues, at least have a High School education to back it up.

  3. All I can say is … Wow! I don’t know these teenagers but as a resident and former educator in the Watertown public schools, I feel extremely proud of these young people for going above and beyond what we tend to expect of them! I commend them for truly creating lasting positive change in their school environment, which will inevitably ripple into the community.

    Homer was right in what he commented above – racism is much more subtle these days. And while I am sure the majority of students, teachers and staff at the schools are anti-racist, it is a simple fact of life that many of us have taken on unconscious racism that harms ourselves and the people we hold these unconscious beliefs about.

    Congratulations to the students 4 their bravery. I applaud the administration of Watertown high School as well for being open-minded and willing to listen to their student body.

  4. Carl, I agree. We put two through K-12 in this towns school system and it was not easy keeping them from being influenced by obvious political agendas being pushed on them beginning in elementary school. Parents mold their children into good human beings by how they raise them in a close family and a stable home environment. The teachers should teach life preparing subject matter and leave the rest to the parents. They need to be taught subjects that will prepare them for the real world in a few short years. I am nearing the end of my long working career and see a whole new generation of a bright and intelligent talented work force entering, but many are ill prepared. Too many lack the skills for a day to day entry level job and don’t understand the importance of showing up to work everyday and on time.

  5. “A group of Watertown High School students took what they learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s principles of non-violence at the middle school and created a program to be used with all students at WHS.”

    I quoted the opening paragraph because some people here in the comments section think that this program is the work of teachers and outside organizations with “political motives.”

    Few things upset me more than seeing grown adults criticising children for attempting to make the world a slightly better place. It doesn’t say much for the future of humanity.

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