Free Kingian Nonviolence Training Taking Place in Watertown

Charlie BreitroseA closeup of the section of the Kingian Nonviolence Mural featuring Martin Luther King. Watertown residents can attend a free training in the nonviolence philosophy and methodology of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. The 16-hour course takes place on March 2 and 9. The following information was provided by the organizers:

There is a free Community Kingian Nonviolence Training  course being offered on March 2 + 9 at the Watertown Police Department Community Room. All residents, including older students, and those that work in Watertown are welcome! The content is engaging and interactive and focuses on the principles and actions of nonviolence in the context of the Civil rights movement and beyond.

Unity Breakfast Honors Refugee Support Group, Local Activists During 2024 MLK Day Event

A group that provides support to refugees, a resident who created a group for LGBTQ+ people, and longtime social activists were honored during the 2024 Watertown Unity Breakfast. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Watertown held the annual celebration of the civil rights leader’s work for the 24th time. It is organized by the World in Watertown. As with the past three years, the 2024 version was held virtually with a broadcast on Jan. 15.

LETTER: Former Watertown Middle School Teacher Looks to Heal, Rebuild Relationships in Spirit of MLK Jr.

The following letter was written to you, my Watertown community, almost a year ago. It was written upon Watertown News’ request for a statement from me on March 5th, 2021. As an employee of the Watertown Public Schools, I was not permitted to make such a statement at any time over the past year. Having now resigned from WPS, I would love the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and hopefully work towards some healing and rebuilding of the fractured relationships that last year’s incidents engendered. I can’t think of a better time to do this than Martin Luther King Day 2022.

Watertown Group Using MLK’s Teachings to Address Racial Injustice, Bigotry

People kneel in memory of George Floyd and others during a candlelight vigil in Watertown Square co-sponsored by the Kingian Response Team and the Watertown Police Department. Tuesday night, dozens of people gathered in Watertown Square holding lanterns and candles in a vigil for George Floyd and others, and to speak out against racism and bigotry. The event was one of the first efforts of the Kingian Nonviolence Response Team, which grew out of a program that has its roots in the Watertown Public Schools. The Kingian group has plans to work with the Watertown Police Department, the Watertown Public Schools and the Town Council to reduce what they see as systemic racism in these local institutions. And much of the effort is being led by current Watertown students who learned King’s teachings in the Kingian Nonviolence program at Watertown Middle School.

Kingian Nonviolence Group, Watertown Police Sponsoring Vigil in Square

Watertown Square will be the location for a vigil in memory of George Floyd co-sponsored by the Kingian Response Team and the Watertown Police Department. The following announcement was provided by the Kingian Response Team:


The Kingian Response Team in collaboration with the Watertown Police Department is sponsoring a vigil which will include a Silent Reflection in memory of George Floyd and others who have lost their lives due to racial bigotry and injustice. The Silent Reflection will run from 8:15 p.m.– 8:23 p.m.


1) Watertown Square, including the delta & along Main & Mt. Auburn St. Please bring your phone or flashlight instead of candles in public spaces.

Watertown’s Effort to Bring MLK’s Teachings to Schools Honored at Unity Breakfast

The Watertown High six students who received the Unity Award for their work spreading Kingian Non-violence teachings to WHS. Pictured from left, Fred Laboissiere, Tino Themelis, Eva Henry, Claire abian, Catherine Fabian and Shivani Sharma. The people who brought the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. to the Watertown schools and the community came together, and were honored during the the 20th annual Watertown Unity Breakfast on Monday. The annual celebration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been put on by the World in Watertown for two decades, and at the 2020 breakfast the local efforts to teach the principles of Kingian Non-violence in town were at the forefront. The keynote speaker was one of those who trained Watertown teachers, students and police about applying King’s non-violence teachings today, and the Unity Award went to six students who spread MLK’s teachings to Watertown High School.