3 thoughts on “Watertown Police Disheartened by Courts Overturning of Tsarnaev Sentence

  1. Typical of certain judges to rule according to their personal opinions rather than the law.

    The Feds and the judge bent over backwards to be fair to Tsarnaev. Now, years later, some judge suddenly decides the penalty phase of the trial was not fair? Who knew?

    Reminds me of other judicial outrages, such as same sex marriage where the judges dreamed up the right to marry someone of your own sex whereas there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution, law, or tradition (from time immemorial) that justified such a ruling.

    Same with judges who strike down Trump’s immigration orders. US law explicitly allows the president to exclude from entering the US any group of people he think is necessary.

    Speaking of immigration, what was so wonderful about the Tsarnaev brothers that they should have been admitted into the US in the first place?

    Oh, let me guess. The poor dears were “persecuted” in their home country and so were let into the US so they could enjoy our freedoms.

    Makes you wonder what other future criminals the US is letting in.

  2. Frankly, I think the death penalty is too easy a way out and allows him the opportunity to become a “martyr” to some sickos. This guy is quite young. The worst punishment imaginable would be life in prison at a super max with no possibility of parole. Imagine that. Lock him up and let him rot.

  3. Damian, you may well be right.

    But Tsarnaev himself obviously does not want to executed (which is why his lawyers made the appeal on his behalf). He would rather stay in prison.

    In addition, we can’t know that he really would spend his life in prison.

    He may get paroled.
    He may become ill and released.
    He could be pardoned.
    His conviction could be overturned.
    He could be sent back to the country he came from.
    He could escape and injure or kill someone.
    He could injure or kill someone in prison, including a guard.
    Then what? Give him a second life sentence?

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