3 thoughts on “Residents Lean Toward New High School on Current Site, Against Renovating School

  1. I attended part of the meeting and read over the documents. 3D looked best IMO and kids would not be taken out of the school while Phillips is being built but have a new Academic facility in 2 years. Senior center needs to be bigger(IMO) and combined with fitness facilities which both students and seniors groups could utilize. A very large campus with a bridge(100% makes sense). Victory Field is our most heavily utilized space where parents/kids/seniors walk/talk while kids play on the grass, play bball, or at toddler park all in one space(priceless). One of our largest contingent outdoor spaces if counting Whitney Hill(agree with Leo). The looming question will be how does this affect our taxes(which in the time of COVID19 is very much a concern:<).

  2. I think 3D is a bad plan. It’s a four-story academic building squashed into a small area that abuts houses. You can expect lawsuits from those homeowners…would you want a four-story building placed right next to you? Meanwhile, the administration and senior center get an expansive building and green space that students would not be able to easily access during the school day. I teach in a three-story building and it’s awful. I can’t imagine changing classes in a reasonable amount of time in an even taller building. The 3D plan flips the priorities of the HIGH SCHOOL project, squashing up the area for students while expanding and making more enjoyable the space for adults. It’s the opposite of how we should be thinking about a building that is meant to last 75+ years.

  3. Kristen – My understanding was that the presentation was about choosing the site and then building design would be addressed in the next phase. I wonder if there are more classroom spaces that could be on the other side of Common. I agree with you that the focus should be on the experience of the high school students and teachers in the building!

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