4 thoughts on “Parents Advocate for Earlier Start for Hybrid Learning at Watertown Schools

  1. First, Watertown Public Schools should have had a hybrid set up and ready to go in September not November. By delaying the hybrid they lost two months where kids could have been outside, in classes with windows open, made use of all those tents set up on school grounds and going to school when the covid numbers were much lower. Starting a hybrid now when most medical experts agree that we are close to entering the second wave is both foolish and backwards.

    This letter to school officials should have been sent in September not the end of October. Other districts, private schools and many universities are planning to go entirely remote by Thanksgiving but here in Watertown we are starting up a hybrid plan. That’s insane.

    There is no way to go back and undo the obvious mistake of not opening up in September but that doesn’t mean we continue on a path of bad decisions.

    Sending kids into school now is a bad idea.

    • There was a letter sent in September as well. This letter encourages the phasing plan to continue “as long as the data allows.” I would have rather my 3 children started in September as well. Having said that, I’m thrilled they will get some time in the classroom with their teachers and peers. I’m confident the procedures in place will keep transmission very low. Thank you for your comment.

  2. This is all going south anyways. Poor leadership across the board resulting in the commonwealth scrutinizing our crumbling system even more than before. Citizens of Watertown can thank a spineless and dysfunctional school committee, a politically motivated superintendent and a rabid teacher’s union for this mess which has most assuredly setback our children on their individual paths to success.

    • Fred: has Belmont opened their school buildings to children or the town hall offices for employees to work in? Aren’t you balancing their books from home? Your dissatisfaction for Watertown is tinting the reality that your own employer is managing things in the exact same way. Leo…how do you put up with this whining?

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