LETTER: Watertown High Group’s Climate Demands

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The following information was provided by members of the Watertown High School student group, Watertown Sunrise, which advocates to stop Climate Change. The demands were presented during a march and rally on the evening of Oct. 23, 2020.


We demand that the Watertown town council declare a climate emergency. We’re also asking our town government, to help call on other town leaders and to sign onto the Green New Deal pledge to fight for our futures.

We demand that the Town Council develop a plan to combat the climate crisis by July 2021. 

We demand that we meet 100% of the power demand in Watertown through clean, renewable, zero-emission sources as soon as possible.

We demand that the new Watertown High School will be net-zero and will maximize energy, heat, and water efficiency.

We demand that we maximize energy efficiency of all buildings in Watertown by upgrading and repairing infrastructure that is outdated. 

We demand that Watertown Public Schools teach all students about the climate crisis and that all students graduate with a firm understanding of the current state of the emergency and the solutions available to us.

We demand that the Town Council writes an annual report on the state of the climate emergency and actions that have been taken. 

We demand that Massachusetts raise its Renewable Portfolio spending.

We demand that Massachusetts finally makes serious investments in offshore wind, and provides continuous investments in green energy.

And finally, we demand that the federal government recognize and take ownership of the climate crisis.

13 thoughts on “LETTER: Watertown High Group’s Climate Demands

    • Actually Fred, they are pretty on point for High School students. They care about the health of the planet that they will have to inhabit long after you and I are gone. In many ways, they are ahead of the adults in thinking about this issue. Good for them. The town should address their concerns. Do you really need to be so snarky?

    • Hi Fred! Actually, in some parts of the world, you wouldn’t even be able to truly see the blue sky because of pollution. So yeah, that’s how we see the sky in the REAL world.

  1. We, the people, DEMAND you learn your manners and stop demanding. Who left you in charge of the world? So sad what has happened to our hometown.

    • We, the people, DEMAND that you actually recognize the climate crisis and take action before it’s too late. Also— we have no choice but to take charge as it seems people who have the same beliefs as you don’t want to. We want to save the planet, so we’re taking charge. What is sad, is your resistance to good change.

  2. I DEMAND, that I get that minute of life back spent reading this off-tone list of DEMANDS. Relax misguided youth. The minks of Norway need your immediate attention. I DEMAND another late night march or a rolling rally through the Square to shame Norwegians for their mink genocide.

    • Hello! I DEMAND that you recognize that the planet is slowly dying and that we should take action before it’s absolutely too late! This is reality. Humans have been causing way too much damage to the Earth for far too long. There’s nothing wrong with high school students trying to make good change.

  3. The sky is falling in their world and I am glad they recognize it. We need more people to do so, and real commitment to scaling back fossil fuels. Good for them. Let’s listen.

  4. We’ll be dead and gone and the world they live in will be a product of what we’ve done to it -much of which will be irreversible. I think that the fact that they are making demands underscores the urgency of this matter and if adults acted more responsibly about caring for the only planet we’ve got, the youth wouldn’t feel so desperate.

    For those interested in a quantitative look at what we’re up against with climate change and the rate we are facing, check out this short video:

    By the way, the mink cull being referenced is not actually in Norway but same difference. Facts don’t really matter much now do they?

  5. Kudos to these teens for looking to the future and working within our democracy to attempt to get this very real issue at the forefront. I hope to see them at Town Council meetings to air their concerns. The climate is a serious concern, especially for those younger given they will live with the very real consequences down the road. Keep on communicating and you will soon be 18 and able to vote with more of a voice. Many of us ‘older’ folks do understand change is slow and hard, but voicing your concerns to our government in very clear language is a great start.

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