28 thoughts on “LETTER: Candidate Declares Her Run for Watertown School Committee

  1. I’d just like to know where you stand on 2 critical issues:
    CRT – Critical Race Theory
    Sex ed in K and 1st grade showing “cartoons” about genetalia, etc.

    Thank you.
    Your resume is wonderful.

    • Hi Sid. Thanks for responding! Can you reach out and I’m happy to discuss the issues you raised? I think they are too complex to put in a comments section.

  2. I agree we need to know your position the two issues raised by Sid. I also would like to know where you stand on making mandatory basic financial education part of the curriculum so that students understand basics such as budgeting, balancing a checkbook, banking and investing. Many parents don’t have the knowledge or communicate this information to their children. Rather than introducing hate-filled courses against the police or courses that confuse children about sex, we need to get back to the basics and teach our history, functional math, reading, critical thinking, and reading and writing. I hope Ms. Kay communicates her ideas on these subjects.

    • As I said above…big topics for a comments section, but happy to discuss! Please reach out. And thank you!

      • I agree with teaching our kids history, which would mean updating our history books with the good/bad and the ugly(currently much of which has been left out). This way we all learn and can move forward. This again though is not controlled by SC but state/WPS though possibly some policy around financial learning could help move things along. I’m all for teaching basic health and reproduction in our public schools. I would love for an OWL class to be taught(opt in) as these classes are invaluable to young adults. Though just one opinion as are the rest of our statements:>

  3. A very thoughtful letter from what appears to be a highly competent candidate. I look forward to hearing more from Rachel Kay.

  4. I would also like to know where you stand on the 2 issues raised by Sid. These kids have lost enough school time. I would like to see the focus back on math, reading, writing, and science.

    • When did the focus of school pivot from these four things?? Clearly this is a generational perspective and out of touch with the needs of students living through these times.

  5. I believe there maybe some misunderstanding with respect to specific curriculum questions toward School Committee candidates. The School Committee doesn’t set most of curriculum in WPS, this is set by the state and School Districts themselves. The SC does however have some say around policy. Please note this when asking SC candidates questions around specific curriculum questions, as they don’t set most of what is taught in the schools , MA and WPS, does most of this.

  6. in response to “a concerned citizen” I thank & think very often of Mr. Parshley, my West Jr. High teacher who taught us all that & more. Also Mr. Pappas at the High School for book keeping/accounting. I’m a slow learner, never studied the books but can function enough in life from all the teachers teachings in the W P S system. when you can balance a checkbook & the accountant said they feel guilty charging me, when I prepared the personal/ business taxes breakdowns I feel good for growing up in the time I did thanks to the teachers & everyone who prepared us for life, maybe not the fastest but very appreciated! you want to know if it’s working today, ask a kid what their balance is on their debit card. the questions that guy is asking got no idea how that improves somebodies prep for the outside world

  7. Wow…let’s hope the election for School Committee doesn’t get tied up in nonsense. Given a few of these comments, it sounds quite possible!

    It’s important to note that, in many parts of the United States, extremists seek to influence seats on school boards and often to run themselves.

    Rachel Kay is clearly not one of them. But some of these questioners sure sound like that!

    • Thank you so much, Paul. And like Kate said, SC doesn’t have as much to do with setting curriculum anyway. But hopefully as a collective, we can make a positive difference in the direction of the schools.

  8. SC sets policy. What does that mean?
    2 questions asked above not answered. Does this candidate support CRT or not?
    She must have an opinion…yes or no?
    Parents, pay attention please

    • What you are really asking Sid, is will she be willing to turn a blind eye to bigotry here and elsewhere, isn’t it? I hope not.

    • Sid, if people didn’t think critically about race, we’d have never fought a civil war to end slavery. Get your head out of the garbage pail known as Fox News.

    • Dude, unless they’re watching Fox News all the time most people have never even heard of crt. And the people who hear about it on Fox News are actually less informed than those who know nothing.

      To the extent that critical race theory is a real thing (and it’s been a relatively obscure academic discipline for decades), it’s not something that can be given a yes or no to or have a meaningful convo about in the comments here. If your actual goal is getting a meaningful opinion, as opposed to knee-jerk silly fear-mongering, call her up and ask her.

      • Yeah so here we go blame one conservative news site when your brain washed by 900 liberal news stations not telling you the truth. Education has fallen in public school. Dumbing down of critical programs around math science and adding CRT. Crt is the most racist thing and you dont need foxnews just common sense. Children are not politcal pawns for anyone but marxist left. I will fight crt in our community

      • Crt is a real thing itsvery racist i heard from my 10yr old who told us.. they are teaching us that america is racist.. if your white your bad and guilty of racism. And dr kings family and other civil leaders of the black community are against it

    • Please read about Ma school committee online or better yet the minutes from the Sc or reach out to the chair of policy or SC chair if you want to get more understanding around what policy means. Better yet if you have questions about curriculum, then sending an email
      Or phone call to the assistant Super; who normally drives curriculum) would be most efficient.

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