Tour the Charles River Near Watertown Square and Learn About a Proposal to Remove the Watertown Dam

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Charlie Breitrose The Watertown Dam near Watertown Square slows the flow of the Charles River. A group is advocating removing the dam.

A group that has been studying the removal the Watertown Dam to improve the environment for fish and to protect against a potential failure will give a public tour of the area on Saturday.

The following announcement was provided by the Charles River Watershed Association:

Watertown Dam Site Walk – Saturday, October 2nd, 10-11 a.m. Meet at the Watertown Dam Overlook Parking at DCR Dealtry Pool Lot, 64 Pleasant St., Watertown, MA.

Come for a walk along the Charles River Reservation and learn about the opportunities to remove the Watertown Dam to improve fish passage, climate resilience, and eliminate the threat of dam failure. Join Community Resilience Specialist Robert Kearns and River Science Program Director Lisa Kumpf for a guided tour of Watertown Dam.

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Elected officials in attendance will be State Senator William N. Brownsberger, State Representative Steven Owens, State Representative John Lawn, Watertown District C Councilor Vincent Piccirilli, Watertown Council President Mark Sideris, Watertown Councilor at Large Anthony Donato.

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4 thoughts on “Tour the Charles River Near Watertown Square and Learn About a Proposal to Remove the Watertown Dam

  1. I am very happy to hear that concerned citizens are looking into things that have ‘always been like that’ and wondering…why? and is it still a good thing? And if not…can we change it for the better. Bravo fellow Watertownians!

  2. Hello, this will be an interesting tour. A couple of things: 1. I would hope that CRWA reps as well as the resiliency specialist will speak to not only the benefits of dam removal and dredging but also the potential negatives such as extent of the loss of current upstream in-stream and riparian habitats. 2.A number of years ago Dan Driscoll of the DCR and private and public participants put a huge amount of time and effort into reclaiming that section of river corridor with great many successes. Is he invited to the table on the project and if so what are his thoughts? Thanks.

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