8 thoughts on “LETTER: Group of Residents Support Candidate for School Committee

  1. Lily is doing a great job. The group of almost two dozen residents – all willing to share their full names — are correct!

    • It was cowritten by many of the signees. We collaborated on what we wanted to say, reviewed drafts, and signed off on the final draft. It may have been shared in its final form with some of the signees who decided to sign at that point because they agreed with the endorsement.

      So I’m a bit confused as to where the confusion is. Are you asking who physically typed the final draft, who sent it in, who coordinated the signatures? The end result is this is all of our opinion and endorsement – hence why our names are signed to a group written piece.

      Also, I thought we needed to include a last name if we are commenting on an election article?

  2. Lily needs to step down she did not act in the best interest of the teachers or students during the school closure. If it was up to her schools would still be closed until all students are vaccinated.

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