4 thoughts on “2022 State Primary Election Guide, See Who’s on the Ballot, Where to Vote

  1. Candidates Sonia Chang-Diaz (D-Governor) and Quentin Palfrey (D-Attorney General) have “withdrawn” from their respective races, but their names do remain on the ballot.

  2. Why even take the time to vote in the primary when half of those running are unopposed and most of the others have only two choices. Promises that are made to the poor and working class are never realized, none listen to the concerns of the voters, but only their own concerns and party affiliation. One need only see the voting records of these “promising politicians” to understand just where they are coming from, and it’s not, representing you!

  3. We should all go to vote. If we don’t, our democratic republic will definitely be ruled by career elitist politicians. If you don’t like a candidate on your selected ballot, leave it blank to show your displeasure with the choices or lack thereof. Maybe then the party will get the message that so many people voted in total but many of them wouldn’t vote for this candidate in the future if a better candidate steps up. That MAY wake them up to actually do the peoples’ will instead of theirs.

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