Watertown Native’s Whiskey Will Soon be Available for Purchase by Local Residents

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Drink creator Mikey Bortone named his coconut whiskey after his hometown. (Courtesy of Watertown Whiskey)

The following release was provided by Watertown Whiskey:

Mikey Bortone named his coconut whiskey after his hometown but, until now, the only way the people of Watertown, Massachusetts could get it was by ordering online. That changes on March 1, 2024, as Watertown Whiskey, the refreshing, low sugar coconut whiskey, has its official East Coast launch in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

“It has always been one of our top priorities to have Watertown Whiskey for sale in Watertown,” says Mikey Bortone, CEO and co-founder of Watertown Whiskey, who started the brand with childhood friends Steve Cicarelli and Mark O’Donnell. “We’re thrilled to start our national expansion in Massachusetts as well as in Rhode Island and are looking forward to bringing our whiskey to bars, restaurants and retailers across the country soon.”

Watertown Whiskey is partnering with Atlantic Beverage Distributors as a part of this expansion and is excited at the prospects that this partnership will bring. The move marks a significant milestone for the brand as it continues to grow its presence and share its exceptional whiskey with a broader audience.

Watertown Whiskey will available for purchase by Massachusetts residents starting March 1, 2024. (Courtesy of Watertown Whiskey).

With its unique blend of traditional rye and revitalizing coconut, Watertown Whiskey is a premium spirit designed to not only be refreshing, but to transport you to an island paradise with a single sip. It’s crafted by blending natural coconut flavoring with exceptional whiskey to create an extraordinary beverage perfect for a night on the town, a day relaxing with friends, a quiet nightcap at home, or just about any occasion. The coconut flavor makes it an incredibly versatile drink to enjoy as a shooter, to sip on the rocks, or mix into a cocktail. 

Individual 750 mL bottles start at $34.99. For more information or to order from anywhere in the United States, please visit watertownwhiskey.com.

About Watertown Whiskey

Crafted with attitude and passion, Watertown Whiskey is on a mission to provide the modern whiskey scene with a unique and refreshing product that is destined to become every whiskey drinker’s go-to brand. Watertown encourages consumers to escape the ordinary with its low-sugar and flavor-packed coconut whiskey. Whiskey lovers are thrilled by its refreshing, bold, and smooth taste, and Watertown can’t wait to share this magnificent experience with people all across the country.

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