7 thoughts on “LETTER: Former Councilor Disapproves of Attempt to Brand the City with New Logo

  1. I am in full agreement with Former Councilor Angie Kounelis. It appears the logo is being forced on the community for no sound or rational reason. Furthermore, why should we, as taxpayers, continue to allow the administration to spend money willy-nilly? What is the Branding for and what is the benefit the city derives from the logo? Who is the Manager attempting to please? Shouldn’t a need be identified before we expend valuable taxpayers monies on frivolous things?

    Clyde L. Younger, Former Town Council President

  2. I 100% agree with Ms. Kounelis in her implied request for complete vetting and transparency in any effort surrounding the idea of adoption of a new logo for the City of Watertown. I have lived here most of my life and love the history of this community. It was of great importance, in the establishment of the country during times of the American Revolution and a leader in early commerce, as well as, establishing a government of the people. The current seal of the City reflects these ideas in words found on that seal. With the many issues and real needs we have in this municipality I see no good reason to waste time and effort and taxpayer’s hard earned money on a new additional symbol for the town that some people “ believe will ultimately create unity and consistency in the image of the City”. Nonsense. Instead how about we use this extra energy to work on the real problems we face in really making this City a better place that we can all live in.

  3. I agree that a change in the logo does not seem necessary. Why would we spend time and money on this project when we have so many other more serious issues to bring forth.

    The image of exchanging a fish and a biscuit between the Indians and settlers portrays one of peace at the time. This is something we should be trying to achieve in these difficult times also. Why do we always need to change things that don’t need to be changed and cause more division among people?

    It sometimes seems that in Watertown we are now changing things just for the sake of change, whether they are needed or not. I won’t provide examples of this as I don’t want to change the subject of this letter.

    If the consideration of changing the log0 could possibly lead to the changing of the seal, let’s give it up. The seal should remain in place. We’ve already lost so much of our history; we don’t need to lose more.

    Let’s concentrate on the more important issues going on in our City that can really have a serious impact on our lives.

  4. I agree with Angelina. The wave graphic proposed to represent Watertown has no meaning. The purpose of symbols is to represent something memorable and iconic about what lies behind the symbol. The representation of Watertown’s founding and its motto shouldn’t be thrown away for something that represents absolutely nothing.

  5. I absolutely agree with Angie. It is ridiculous to make a change in our history. It represents how they were able to get along then and now.

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