Watertown Seeking New Library Director After Current One Announced Her Resignation

City of WatertownCaitlin Browne announced she will be resigning as Watertown Library Director. After just over a year working as permanent Director of the Watertown Free Public Library, Caitlin Browne announced her resignation at the Board of Trustees meeting on May 2. Browne was appointed the new Library Director in April 2022, succeeding longtime director Leone Cole. Prior to that, she worked as assistant director at the Library for many years, and served as interim director after Cole retired. At the May 2 Trustees meeting, Browne publicly announced her resignation, which she had already sent to the board.

Board of Trustees Appoints New Watertown Library Director

City of WatertownCaitlin Browne was named the Watertown Library Director by the Board of Trustees. Previously she served as the Assistant Director. The Watertown Board of Library Trustees voted to appoint Caitlin Browne the new Director of the Watertown Library. The decision was made Monday night after a 3.5 hour meeting in which the trustees debated between Browne and another finalist, Maria Palacio. The appointment is contingent on successful contract negotiations with the City of Watertown.

LETTER: Library Employees Back Interim Director for Top Job

This letter in support of Caitlin Browne as Library Director was written collaboratively and signed by over 30 staff members of the Watertown Free Public Library, across all departments of the library and including all department heads. It was read by library staff members at the Board of Library Trustees meeting on April 19, 2022. To our Board of Library Trustees:

As staff members of the Watertown Free Public Library, we would like to express our thanks for this opportunity to make our voices heard. We understand that the public forum is an avenue for commenting on “library business,” which we feel very much includes this director selection process. We appreciate the work of the screening committee that has narrowed the candidates to the current field.