Watertown Students Get Their Chance to Run Their Own Radio Station

Watertown High School senior Henry Broadstone got experience as a radio DJ during WHS’s pilot program through the High School Radio Project. (Photo by Todd Robbins). A group of Watertown High School students got a taste of what it’s like to be a radio DJ, putting together their own shows and recording song introductions, banter between tracks, and even interviews with fellow hosts. Their work can be heard on a streaming audio station that airs 24/7. The students from Watertown, along with a high school in Nebraska, were the first to test the High School Radio Project program, designed to empower students with the opportunity to experiment with radio as a potential career, said WHS Radio & Television Broadcasting Teacher Todd Robbins.

Watertown High Class of 1964 Planning Reunion, Started Facebook Page

Watertown High School

The following information was provided by the WHS Class of 1964:

ATTENTION 1964 classmates! A Facebook page has been created for updates regarding our 60th Reunion, to be held sometime in September, 2024. 

The page name is: 

Watertown, MA – Class of 1964 – Reunion. 

Plans are proceeding and as you can imagine, it is a bit daunting to locate and contact classmates. It would be greatly appreciated if you are still in contact with former students to pass on this information. An email address has been provided on the FB page. 

Watertown High School Class of 2023 Overcame Challenges With a Positive Attitude

by Charlie BreitroseWatertown High School Valedictorian Shannon Fitzpatrick addresses the Class of 2023 during the graduation ceremony. When the Watertown High School Class of 2023 ended their freshman year remotely in March 2020, they could have been discouraged for the rest of their high school career. However, they chose to band together and rise above their obstacles by avidly displaying school spirit, kindness and positivity throughout their four years. 

The ceremony, originally supposed to be held at Victory Field, was moved to the Kelly Gymnasium on June 2 due to a rainy forecast. Students, faculty, family members and friends crowded the gymnasium, making for a touching and special moment as this will be the last class to graduate from the present high school before it is demolished this summer. See the list of graduates here. 

Valedictorian Shannon Fitzpatrick looked back at her time at Watertown High as a journey.

Congratulations to the Watertown High School Class of 2023!

by Charlie BreitroseA Class of 2023 graduate hugs Principal Joel Giacobozzi after getting his diploma on Friday. Congratulations to the 150 Watertown High School seniors who graduated Friday at the ceremony at the WHS Gymnasium. Watertown High School Class of 2023

(Honors: + Cum Laude Society, ^ National Honor Society, * Seal of Biliteracy, # Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction)

Nasim Abenaou

Johnny Abizeid

Bonsu Panin Acheampong

Aneeq Ahmed

Sandra Ali Alnamous

Payton Gian Andrade

Nicole Erica Babayan

Gayane Badalyan *

Thandiwe Naomi Alua Baker +^

Adrianna Elaina Benites ^

Gabriela Bondaryk ^

Jhulia Gabriela Borel Macedo

Henry Byrne Broadstone

Max Edward Burke

Lexi Burroughs

John Anthony Cacace +^

Serena Jean Calix

Aidan John Campbell

Brendan Patrick Campbell

Gabriel Celio Chaves Carvalho *

Ana Alice Castro

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Beatriz de Oliveira Castro

Phillip Morais Castro

Raymond Chen

Aren Cimenian

Raphaela Samara Coelho *

Miguel Angel Colon

Aidan Paul Conneely

Brianna Renora Cooper

Michael Fenton Corbett

Amanda Cosco ^

Collin Kerian Cox

Avaree Louise Crockton ^

Adrina Sima D’Arrigo ^

Caio Mesquita De Souza

Carina Bella Delorio +^

Briella Marie Demis

Emmalina Olive Rosana Devoy

Jack Edward Dickie

Riley Francis Donlan ^

by Charlie BreitroseStudents welcomed people to the 2023 Watertown High School Graduation Ceremony in their first language. More than a dozen languages were represented, including these Portuguese speakers. Bridget Mary Donohue

Margaret Grady Driscoll +^

Ricardo Mardoqueo Duran Amaya #

Iris Margaret Egan +^*

Mariangel Escobar Sierra *

Isaiah Junior Etienne

Allison Anne Fijux ^

Kelsey Fitzgerald

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Fitzpatrick +^

Shannon Marie Fitzpatrick +^

Catherine Bridget Fleming

Daou Emmauel Ignacio

Marina Claire Garcia-Rangel ^

Sean Patrick Gately

Jaylen Chavi Gonzalez

Emma Katherine Griffith

Camila Cardoso Guimaraes

Levon Gukasyan

Karen Maral Guler ^

Katherine Flynn Haley

Alique Mara Haserjian +^#

Johanna Hernandez #

Orlando Antonio Herrera

Cindy Chenyun Hong +^*

Sandra Emilio Hoxha

Ivy Huang

Brianna Marie Hume +^*

Robert John Iannetta +^*

Xavier Scensor Ip

Alyce Judge

Vana Rose Karaguesian *

Alexandra Christophile Karalis

Davit Karapetyan ^

Lara Jacqueline Kebabjian ^*

Hovanes Kehyeian

Jack Stratton Kelley

Abel Keshishian

Lwana Fawaz Khalil *

Paige Elizabeth King ^

Eric Vitaliy Kozorez

Derin Kugu

Benjamin Alden Kullman

Esmeralda Laurore

Maeve Ella Lawn +^

Ashley Bomfim Leal ^*

by Charlie BreitroseThe Watertown High School gym was packed for the Class of 2023’s graduation on Friday.

Watertown High Graduation Moving Indoors

The Class of 2023 will graduate in the gymnasium at WHS instead of Victory Field. The decision was made because of rain expected to hit the area during the ceremony. The ceremony starts at 6 p.m. and Principal Joel Giacobozzi said the number of guests will not be limited but there will be fewer seats than at Victory Field. Parking will also be limited. See more information by clicking here

Siblings Advocating for LGBTQ+ Rights at Watertown’s Schools

Ashe and Vivian Flan have been advocating for Watertown’s LGBTQ+ students at their schools’ GSAs as well as in regional and statewide groups. (Photo courtesy of Alison Coleman-Hardy)

In the post-COVID times, the number of students coming out as gay, lesbian, non-binary, and trans has been on the rise, and a pair of siblings has been actively promoting awareness and seeking rights for members of LGBTQ+ in the Watertown Public Schools. Vivian and Ashe Flan are presidents of the Genders Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at Watertown High School and Watertown Middle School, respectively. While just four years apart in age, they have seen the difference in attitudes, and willingness for students to come out at an earlier age. Vivian, a WHS junior, who identifies as nonbinary and uses the pronouns they/them.

Say Goodbye to Watertown High During Farewell Tour

The public is invited to take one last look around Watertown high School before it is torn down. Demolition is expected to start over the summer, and a new high school is planned to open in the same location in the spring or fall of 2026 (the temporary location will be Moxley Field — next to the Middle School). The WHS PTSO will hold a WHS Farewell Tour on on June 22 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

RSVP is not required, but appreciated. Suggested donation $10/person, proceeds benefitting the PTSO Scholarship Fund. See more details and RSVP here. https://www.watertownmanews.com/2023/05/19/general-contractor-for-high-school-project-has-good-history-in-town-utility-pole-may-delay-temporary-school/

Student Records for Watertown High School Class of 2016 to be Destroyed, Copies Can be Obtained

The following announcement was provided by the Watertown Public Schools:

Kathleen Desmarais, M.Ed, Director of Student Services, is notifying the public that in accordance with Massachusetts Student Records Regulations temporary records which have been maintained by the school system for the Class of 2016 are about to be destroyed. Former students have the right to receive copies of any or all of these records prior to their destruction. After June 1, 2023, only the transcript, which includes the minimum information necessary to reflect the student’s educational progress, will be on file for at least sixty years. Transcript information includes only name, address, course titles, grades, and grade level completed. The temporary record contains all other information maintained by the school about the student.