2 thoughts on “LETTER: School Committee Candidate is an Invaluable Resource for Families

  1. Unfortunately, my family’s experience reaching out to Lily Rayman-Read on the School Committee has been the opposite of what is described in the letter. I emailed her several times, including about things very painful and personal regarding my WPS students and never heard back at all. I know numerous other parents who have had the same experience while trying to reach out, but I am glad the letter writer had a more positive result.

    One other data point on the issue of accessibility to families, Ms. Rayman-Read is the only School Committee member who does not list a phone number on the Committee’s website and is also the only School Committee member who does not list an individual email address for the public to contact. Anyone interested can see that here:


  2. I have to agree with the Murphy Family’s experience of Lily Rayman-Read not being responsive.
    Last spring I had questions relating to the return to school plan and had commented on a Facebook post on a Watertown group. Lily responded inviting me to contact her, which I did – I called her at the number she asked me to call her at, at the times she said she was available. Followed up with Facebook message letting her know I called. No return call. No return message. Fortunately I was able to reach Chairman John Portz, and he listened to my concerns and answered my questions. When it comes to voting for school committee members on Tuesday, we need members who will respond – not those who give only lip service.

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