5 thoughts on “LETTER: Former Councilor Opposes Change of Voting Places in East End

  1. I believe that it would be an unnecessary change for East Side/East End.
    Those of us who are elderly or disabled would be seriously inconvenienced by placing the polls further away. Not all of us drive to the polls. The ease of walking to the polls is understated. Should we have to find transportation, or stand outside waiting for the 71 bus during inclement weather may cause the most dedicated voters in the city to stay home.
    Unless that’s the plan?

  2. Seconding Councilor Kounelis’s concerns. Is the idea to discourage voting in person in Precincts 1 and 3? That certainly seems like the intention. I’m very happy that voters have the option of voting by mail, but discouraging participation in this community event by moving the voting location farther away from voters’ neighborhoods seems like one more step away from building community in Watertown.

  3. Angie is correct and great to hear from her. Always looked out for the Coolidge Square neighbors. By the way, whatever happened to her successor after her barnstorming campaign?

  4. The idea that consolidating polling locations is meant to discourage turnout has no supporting evidence in a community of 4 square miles. We now have the VOTES Act which provides both vote by mail and early voting options for the city. Polling locations change for a variety of reasons. While some states clearly DO wish to discourage turnout, there is no evidence to support that assumption here. I await someone to prove otherwise. Such charges absent evidence are meant to be inflammatory.

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