Watertown Preschool’s Online Auction Features Local Eateries and Experiences

Handmade Russell acorn and squirrel ornaments by alumni parent and artist, Kate Martens. The following announcement was provided by Russell Cooperative Preschool:

Bid for your chance to win gift cards and experiences from local Watertown businesses! Every December, Russell Cooperative Preschool hosts its annual online silent auction. Held in conjunction with its Winter Gala, the auction is the preschool’s largest fundraising event of the year. Last year’s event raised over $7,000 for Russell’s hands-on, play-based programs for students ages 2.9 to 5.

Rates of Alcohol & Drug Use Down for Watertown Students, But Depression & Stress Has Risen

The rate of alcohol and marijuana is dropping for Watertown students, according to a survey by the Watertown Youth Coalition, but school officials have concerns about use among certain groups, as well as the feeling of depression and not having trusted adults with whom they can speak. For the past three decades, the Watertown Youth Coalition has monitored the well-being of Watertown students by tracking the use of alcohol and drugs, and rates of depression and stress. In November, the WYC reported the results of the 2023 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which was taken by 424 Watertown Middle School students and 591 from Watertown High School. At the high school 18 percent of students reported they had consumed alcohol over the previous 30 days, down from 23 percent in 2021 and 32 percent in 2017. The middle school went from 4 percent in 2021 to 3 percent in 2023.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Celebrates Start of Construction of Watertown’s Net Zero Energy High School

Groundbreaking for the new Watertown High School included the City, School, and State officials. From left, Deputy City Administrator Emily Monea, WHS Principal Joel Giacobozzi, Superintendent Dede Galdston, City Council President Mark Sideris, State Rep. John Lawn, State Sen. Will Brownsberger, State Rep. Steve Owens, MSBA CEO Jim MacDonald, and Assistant City Manager Steve Magoon. (Photo by Charlie Breitrose)

A celebration many years in the making took place in Watertown Thursday to mark the beginning of the creation of an asset that will last for generations: the new Watertown High School. Superintendent Dede Galdton said she recalls the wheels already being in motion when she arrived in the district in 2017 when she was told the goal was to build a new, state-of-the-art high school, along with three elementary schools. “We are just so excited to begin the work, not that the work hasn’t been going on for the last five or six years, but the actual demolition and rebuilding of this beautiful place,” Galdston said.

Ground Breaking for New High School, Demolition Will Have Impacts on Local Roads

Watertown High School

Say good bye to the old, and welcome the new …. Watertown High School. This week the demolition of the old school at 50 Columbia St. will really get rolling, and on Thursday there will be a groundbreaking ceremony with local and state officials taking part. Groundbreaking

Work has already started around Watertown High School, but the official ceremony celebrating the start of the construction of the new school will take place on Thursday, Nov.

LETTER: Watertown Parent Endorses 2 School Committee Candidates

I am excited and proud to vote for Rachel Kay and Jennifer Nicholson in next Tuesday’s election for the Watertown School Committee. I encourage other Watertown voters to do the same. Over the past two years, I have worked closely with Jen and Rachel on initiatives to improve outcomes for all Watertown students. In our work together on the Watertown SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council), I found both Rachel and Jen to be thoughtful, committed, mission-centered, hard workers. Their work on the Watertown SEPAC Officer Board added tremendous value to the SEPAC and to the Watertown School District.

LETTER: Parents Endorse A Duo for School Committee

Dear Neighbors,

Watertown is fortunate to have 5 excellent candidates running for 3 spots on the School Committee. If high quality people like these were competing as candidates for spots in every local, state, and national election, it would be so great! But, a choice will be made and in our opinion Kendra Foley and Rachel Kay are the best picks of this strong field of candidates, with both bringing unique and valuable skill-sets to the group work of the School Committee. Kendra is a consummate professional who grew up in Watertown, has been on the committee for 8 years (2 as chair), and worked at a high level in both state government and the private sector. Rachel is an educational data expert who chose to put down roots in Watertown, works for MIT, and has a record of both tireless advocacy for all students and bringing more voices to the table when important educational decisions are being made.

LETTER: Candidate Reflects on 2023 Campaign

When I decided to run for School Committee, I had no idea how transformative an experience it would be. Over the past several years, I have immersed myself in Watertown formally and informally, watching scores of meetings, attending countless events, and knocking on over 1000 doors. This has been so educational for me. I am amazed by the people of this four square mile community. It is tremendously gratifying that so many have supported my candidacy.