Inspirations for Mosesian Arts Members Exhibition Ranges from Nature to Children’s Books

“Ladies View, Killarney” by C.J. Lori is one of the pieces in the 2022 Mosesian Center for the Arts’ Members Exhibition. The following information was provided by the Mosesian Center for the Arts:

Members Exhibition 2022, the upcoming exhibition at Mosesian Arts, gives current members of the arts center an opportunity to showcase their work. What is surprising in this year’s exhibition is how many of the artists turned to nature for inspiration, for comfort, and reflection. Living in a world that is undergoing devastating climate changes, artists are looking for ways to keep nature and its fragile beauty in the forefront. In C.J. Lori’s painting “Ladies View, Killarney,” the viewer is transported to the magnificent, green landscape of Ireland.

Artist’s Exhibit Captures the Transformation of the Watertown Arsenal With Historic, Modern Images

Watertown artist Chantal Zakari talks about some of the photos from the Watertown Arsenal in her exhibition at Kingston Gallery in Boston. What used to be the U.S. Army’s Watertown Arsenal teems with activity these days, as two major construction projects — transforming the place that used to make and develop military weapons into commercial and lab/office complexes. A Watertown artist has used the labors at the Arsenal, historic and current, as the inspiration for her new exhibit on display now in Boston. Chantal Zakari has assembled images of the Watertown Arsenal, ranging from the 1800s to the present, for her who called “A Work in Progress” at the Kingston Gallery in Boston’s SoWa neighborhood. The exhibition also includes a fictional newspaper with photos and stories created by Zakari, as well as a video installation featuring two screens on loops.

Works of Watertown Artist Coming to Historical Society

The Historical Society of Watertown will host the grand opening of the exhibit called “The Art of Franklin Jones” at the Edmund Fowle House. The following information was provided by the Historical Society:

Grand Opening for “The Art of Franklin Jones” is on Sunday, June 30,2019 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Edmund Fowle House, 28 Marshall Street, Watertown, MA 02472-3408. Franklin Reed Jones (1921-2007) was a graduate of Watertown High School who was inspired by his Watertown High School art teacher, Harold Moody, to become an artist. In the years that followed he became an artist, illustrator, photographer, teacher and author. Once out of high school, he began his professional career while working in the Van Keuren factory by drawing a series of political cartoons, “As Jones Sees It,” for the Watertown Sun newspaper.

Armenian Writer, Artist to Speak at Opening of New Exhibition

Writer and artist C.K. Garabed will visit Watertown and speak about the exhibition of his artworks at the Armenian Museum of America. C.K. Garabed (Charles G. Kasbarian) is best known to Armenians for his writings and editorial projects, but he is also a versatile visual artist. On Sun., May 24, the Armenian Museum of America (AMA) will host an exhibition of his abstract watercolor paintings—the first exhibition of its kind in New England, according to the event announcement. These striking pieces recall imaginings from his Armenian subconscious and were crafted to permit viewers to walk away with their own interpretations. The year 2015 marks the 25th year that C.K. Garabed has been writing his column, “Uncle Garabed’s Notebook,” a popular mainstay of the Armenian Weekly — a newspaper based in Watertown.