Town Conducting Fire Hydrants Leak Detection Survey, Hydrants Still in Service

The Watertown Department of Public Works will be examining the fire hydrants in town for leaks, and while the hydrants will have a “out of service” covering on them, the hydrants will still be operational in an emergency. The leak detection survey will begin on Monday, Sept. 28, 2020, and will be conducted by the DPW and contractor Liston Utility Services. The work is expected to take about three weeks. To do the survey, microphones will be placed on the fire hydrants to listen for leaks, said Town Engineer Matthew Shuman.

Parts of Common Street Closing for Paving Project

An illustration of the Common Street Reconstruction Project, including the roundabout at Orchard Street and a redesigned intersection at Spring Street. The Department of Public Works announced that sections of Common Street, including the rotary, will be closed while the final paving work is completed on the project. The Watertown DPW sent out the following announcement:

The Common Street project is scheduled to install top course paving on Common Street starting on Tuesday, September 8th. Work is anticipated to begin at Orchard Street and proceed towards Spring Street. To facilitate the paving, the roundabout and intersecting streets will be closed to vehicular traffic.

Repaving of Common Street Will Close Several Watertown Streets for a Week

The Watertown Department of Public Works is remodeling Common Street and surrounding streets. The following information was provided by the Watertown DPW:

Beginning Wednesday, Aug. 7 the Common Street project will enter an important phase. At that time, road reclamation (pulverization) of the road base, roadway fine grading, and paving of the binder (first) course of pavement is planned for Common Street (Columbia Street through and including the Orchard Street intersection) and Katherine Road (from Common Street to Church Street). Weather permitting, this phase of work will take approximately one week to complete.

Increases for Police, Fire, Schools Library & DPW Included in Watertown’s FY2020 Budget

Watertown Town Manager Michael Driscoll revealed the Fiscal Year 2020 budget on Tuesday. Next year’s Watertown Budget includes money for an additional police office, a new leadership role in the Fire Department, and at the Library. Tuesday night, Town Manager Michael Driscoll presented the Fiscal Year 2020 budget to the Town Council. The total operating budget is $147.76 million, which is an increase of 3.89 percent or $5.53 million. When Driscoll presented the budget projection in October, there was a shortfall of about $800,000, but Tuesday he said the Town’s revenues came in close to $1.5 million above the projections.

See Why the DPW is Drilling Borings on Streets Around Town

A series of borings are being drilled around Watertown on behalf of the Department of Public Works to test areas where water main replacements could take place. An announcement about the borings came out Friday, and DPW Superintendent Gerry Mee said it has caught the interest of residents. While drilling of borings happens frequently in town, typically they are done for private construction projects. Because the borings are being done for a town project, Mee said, the DPW put out an announcement. “They are being done in areas of potential future water projects,” Mee said.