LETTER: Resident Supporting Caroline Bays for Town Council

Watertown has been blessed with a great group of candidates for Town Council this election. I am writing to ask you to give one of your four votes to candidate for Councilor-At-Large Caroline Bays. No one I know has worked harder or more continuously for progressive candidates and causes than Caroline. She is a dynamo who will bring great energy to the Town Council.  At the same time she is a trained mediator, with the skills to help the Council come to consensus on the important issues that Watertown faces today. I know that she will work as hard as possible to make sure that development in  Watertown is sustainable, environmentally responsible, and scaled appropriately.  She knows that the decisions that the town makes now will impact us all for years to come.

LETTER: Resident Reveals Choices for Town Council, School Committee

Dear Editor,
As a person who is often asked who’s who this election and who are your supporting, I would like to humbly submit that after meeting all the candidates, I’m going with, and rooting for, Anthony Donato and Michael Dattoli for Town Council, as well as Lily Read and Amy Howard Donohue for School Committee. I’m undecided as to how, if at all, I will use my other remaining votes. When it comes to municipal elections I’ve always voted the person, not the party. That’s why on Tuesday I’m voting for these 4 community “doers’ who have won my vote by listening, asking questions, showing empathy for all, and taking action in the spirit of giving back to the community they love, knowing no vote will please everyone. That in and of it itself shows a commitment not many of us posses.