Warren Tolman Speaking at Fundraiser for Pro-Community Preservation Act Group

Invest In Watertown invites you to a FUNdraiser! Help bring the Community Preservation Act to Watertown! Invest in Watertown announced it will host a Conversation, Food, and Drink with Warren Tolman. The former State Senator and FOX 25 Commentator will discuss the 2016 Presidential Election. The meeting is Sunday, Oct. 2 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the new Marriott Residence Inn, 570 Arsenal St.

Warren Tolman Thanks People for Their Support During the Campaign

Watertown’s Warren Tolman send out a thank you letter to his supporters during his campaign for Attorney General, despite the outcome. Here is Tolman’s letter:
Dear Friend,
Thank you! These past ten months have been an exciting journey. Even though last Tuesday was not our day, I am incredibly grateful for your support throughout this campaign. While our mission did not end as we had hoped, I am very proud of the campaign we ran and the dedicated team which worked tirelessly to build a winning coalition stretching across Massachusetts.

See How Watertown’s Candidates Fared in the Primary Election

Tuesday treated one Watertown candidate well, and another finished the Primary Election on the wrong side of the vote. Former State Sen. Warren Tolman lost his race in the Democratic primary for attorney general to Maura Healey. Tolman conceded Tuesday night. Healey had received 62 percent of the vote with 89 percent of the precincts reporting. Healey faces Republican John Miller in November’s general election.

See Who’s on the Ballot for the Sept. 9 Primary Election

Voters head to the polls on Tuesday for the state primary election featuring statewide races for governor,  Lt. Governor and more, as well as some candidates from Watertown. Democrats will have a number of contested races to vote in. Watertown’s state house delegation – State Sen. Will Brownsberger and State Reps. Jonathan Hecht and John Lawn – are running uncontested. Republicans have candidates in about half the races, but only one is contested for the primary.

Warren Tolman Gets Major Endorsement in AG Race

Watertown’s Warren Tolman got a major endorsement in his race for Attorney General when Gov. Deval Patrick said Tolman has his vote. Tolman has received a number of endorsements, but none bigger than the state’s top elected official. “I am endorsing Warren because I know from his campaign and from a deep personal relationship with him that he will be an activist AG, and I am excited about that,” Patrick said. “From gun safety to health care costs to consumer protection and civil rights, I want an AG who will not only enforce the law effectively, but also use the influence of the office strategically to improve the lives and prospects of Massachusetts people and small businesses. Warren Tolman will be that kind of leader.”

Tolman thanked the governor for his support. “I am so grateful, and so honored, to have the support of Governor Deval Patrick,” Tolman said.

LETTER: Watertown Resident Supports Warren Tolman for AG

To the Editor:
I support Watertown resident Warren Tolman for Attorney General in the Democratic Primary on September 9.  Warren brings practical experience as an independent advocate for policies to protect citizens, a commitment to enforce the law with professionalism, and the ability to work in the community to address the underlying conditions contributing to many law enforcement problems. 
As Attorney General, Warren will protect civil rights so that all have the ability to participate fully in the economic and civic life of the state.  For example, Warren will work to ensure that no one’s access to education is compromised by bullying or sexual assault.
A sponsor of the original Buffer Zone law, Warren will vigorously enforce the state’s new law protecting the rights of women seeking care at reproductive health clinics. Warren believes that while people should be held accountable for their crimes, the problems of drug abuse and mental illness need to be addressed by educating the public, increasing the capacity of treatment facilities so that services are available for all who need them, and making the legal requirement of parity for mental health care services a reality. Warren’s proposal to require manufacturers to make guns less dangerous recognizes that while law enforcement must work to get existing weapons off the streets, long term solutions require harnessing technology to free communities of gun violence. Warren’s record of public service demonstrates that he will fulfill his commitment to using the law along with other necessary tools to protect rights and solve problems.  He deserves your vote. Sincerely,
Renée M. Landers

LETTER: Watertown Resident, Doctor Endorses Warren Tolman for AG

To the Editor:I am a physician trained in pediatrics, a father of a young son and a concerned resident of Watertown. I am writing to urge your readers to support Warren Tolman for attorney general because he supports common-sense gun reform. The recent untimely death of James Brady, killed many years later by an assassin’s bullet, makes the subject of gun reform more poignant than ever.According to the CDC, between 1999 and 2010, 4,698 children aged 1-14 senselessly died by gunfire, and another 7,500 children are hospitalized each year for the same reason.Warren knows that a solution to many of these deaths and injuries is literally at our fingertips. Technology currently exists that would allow fingerprint readers to unlock the firing mechanism of guns. If such a system were mandated, no child would ever be able to have an accident with a smart gun that did not belong to him or her.

Warren Tolman’s AG Campaign Supported by a Kennedy

Warren Tolman got an endorsement from the first family of Massachusetts politics recently when a Kennedy announced his support of the Watertown Democrat’s run for Attorney General. Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy endorsed Tolman following a discussion on mental health at the Hope House Boston on Monday, where the two discussed enforcing mental health parity, reforming the criminal justice system, and improving substance abuse treatment. “For as long as I’ve known Warren Tolman, he’s been a voice for those suffering from mental health disorders and a tireless advocate in the cause to combat substance abuse,” said Kennedy, co-founder of One Mind for Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to mental health research and treatment, and founder of Kennedy Forum, an advocacy organization committed to advocating for mental health parity. “I’m supporting Warren Tolman to be the next Attorney General because he is dedicated to using the office to take action on these interlocked issues. He has developed an insightful approach to address mental illness and substance abuse and I look forward to partnering with him to ensure mental health parity.”

Tolman spoke about how as Attorney General he would hold insurance companies and providers accountable for providing mental health and substance abuse treatment.”It’s a great honor to receive the support of Patrick Kennedy, a dedicated leader for improving mental health treatment nationwide,” Tolman said. “Congressman Kennedy’s vocal advocacy to expand and fight for mental health parity has advanced the scope of mental health treatment and improved the lives of millions of Americans.