LETTER: State Rep. Supports Candidate for School Committee

Dear Watertown,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write today to endorse Jennifer Nicholson for Watertown School Committee. Watertown is fortunate to have a candidate for School Committee of her caliber and dedication. Jennifer’s commitment to our school community is undeniable. She is a graduate of Watertown Public Schools herself and now a parent of two children at the Cunniff School as well as PTO Co President at the school. Her educational background, which includes a business degree from Boston College and a Master’s in Education, will serve her well as she aims to bring fresh ideas and new energy to our school district leadership. 

Throughout her entire campaign, Jennifer has been insightful, enthusiastic and straight forward.  It is clear that she is passionate about education and invested in the future of our schools. Her vision for WPS is one in which all students are both supported and encouraged to reach their fullest potentials. She is ready to devote herself to serving our schools in this role and I am confident that she will be a reliable, collaborative and resourceful member of the Watertown School Committee. Please join me in voting for Jennifer (Holt) Nicholson on November 2. John LawnState Representative 10th Middlesex District

(NOTE: The deadline for submitting election letters is Thursday, Oct.

LETTER: Resident Backs Candidates Who Will Bring “New Blood” to Council, School Committee

It’s great to live in such an active and diverse town. I’m writing because over the past decade, there has been extreme apathy in the local voting process. Fewer and fewer people are going to the polls for local elections, and voter turnout percentages are at an all-time low – about 4%! It is truly disheartening that many major economic, development, financial, and transportation decisions are being made by town council members who only represent the views of a small fraction of the Watertown population. But, this year, we have seen a true swell of passion, interest, and concern over the voting process and the direction our town is taking. We’re seeing a strong influx of new candidates who will challenge elements of the status quo and provide voters like us with real options and choices. 

These candidates bring “new blood” and perspectives to the election process, and they will offer well-informed visions for the future of Watertown.

LETTER: School Committee Candidate Would Bring Expertise in Supporting Student Mental Health

As a parent of two elementary school-aged children and a doctorate-level behavioral health policy researcher and consultant who works with state and local governments across the US, I am keenly aware of the toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on the mental health of children and youth. In the past 18 months this community has experienced unprecedented levels of trauma from isolation, job and housing insecurity, and the loss of loved ones. And those at the margins of society — people with disabilities, people with lower incomes, immigrant families, and communities of color — have experienced this trauma more intensely. As Watertown repairs, recoups, and reconnects, it is essential that we focus on the mental health of our young people. For this reason, I’m voting for Jessica Middlebrook for School Committee on November 2nd.