LETTER: A Salute to a Local Vet on Vietnam War Veterans Day

Dear Watertown Residents,

Today, March 29, is Vietnam War Veterans Day. I was informed of this by Tony Kelley last night at the Watertown Town Democratic Committee meeting. Tony is a veteran of the war and luckily came home to build a career and family in Watertown. As a teacher and volunteer for several causes, he has done right by this community in so many ways and continues to do so in his retirement. Bravo! His ask was that people say “Welcome Home” if they see a Vietnam Veteran today. Many have never heard that expression to this day. As the granddaughter of a Russian POW, forced into conscription by the fascist Italian government of WWII, I know from my mother what my grandfather experienced upon his return to “normal” life.

OP-ED: Democracy Dismantled, One Poll and Survey at a Time

A continuation of “When Bad Ideas Happen to Good Neighbors”

By Linda ScottWatertown Resident

A news article just came out on March 17, 2024 in a real estate publication, Banker and Tradesman. Watertown is famous! Here’s why:

“In Watertown Square, consultants recommend zoning areas around the square for building heights ranging from three to five stories, with the tallest heights near the five corners intersection. The proposal could generate over 6,320 housing units at full buildout, compared with the 1,701 required by the state’s formula for Watertown.”

And here’s HAW’s official response in that article:

“You don’t hire those consultants if you just want to do paper compliance,” said Sam Ghilardi, a steering committee member of the Housing For All Watertown resident group that supports additional multifamily development. “We are thrilled with what has been proposed so far.”

LETTER: What’s Happening With Watertown High School’s Trophies?

To: School Administration, Town Officials, Historical Society of Watertown and to the editor of the WatertownMaNews, 

Recently during the deconstruction of the Watertown high school, I was made aware of a recent discovery or a better description, recovery of a WHS sports trophy. It was pulled out of a pile of debris being loaded onto a construction vehicle. My first thought was, who cares, is it a big deal, does it really matter??? It’s only one trophy but is it “only one” trophy or were the rest of the trophies dishonorably trucked out too? And when you think about it, it does matter, it matters to the winning Coaches, it matters to the outstanding Athletes that earned those trophies and the Watertown community.

LETTER: Candidates for GOP State Committee Endorsed by Former State Committeeman

Dear Republican Voter:

March 5, 2024 is a very important day for the future of the Republican party in Massachusetts. That is the day the Republicans will vote fo r their candidate for President. But almost as important, it is the day that they will also vote for their Representatives on the Massachusetts Republican State Committee. As you may recall I was honored to serve in that position from 2012 until 2021, when I left to move with my family to Virginia. However, I still care deeply about the district and the Republican Party in MA.

LETTER: Vote on Tuesday, March 5 – Participate in Democracy

Every four years, this year on Tuesday, March 5th, United States citizens will exercise their right to vote for the candidate of their choice in the Presidential Primary Elections.Take the initiative to make a difference by casting your ballot; whether by mail; early voting process; or in person. On the Democratic ballot, the electorate will also vote their preference for the offices of Democratic State Committee Man and Woman. A slate of 35 candidates, also needs your support to serve on the Democratic Town Committee. Either vote for individuals, or the entire group.The Town Committee works to promote the objectives of the Democratic Party. 

To the surprise of many; names come and go from the roster of candidates, listed on the ballot for the Democratic Town Committee. To note: quasi term-limits do exist in some elected positions.

LETTER: Endorsements for Republican State Committee Members

On March 5th Massachusetts Republicans and unenrolled voters will be choosing whom they think ought to be the GOP Nominee for President of the United States. Just as important, we will be choosing who represents us on the Republican State Committee.  The State Committee is a board of 80 members, 40 men and 40 women, who elect the MA-GOP Chair, set the state party platform, and direct resources. They decide whether or not the party will rebuild by focusing on legislative and other local offices, or whether we will continue focus our resources, as the Establishment has always on done, on marquis offices, that bring a lot of money for high-priced consultants who are connected with the Establishment; all to the detriment of party building. 

I am proud to enthusiastically endorse John Umina and Catherine Umina for State Committeeman and Committeewoman, respectively, in the Suffolk and Middlesex District. The district comprises Belmont, Watertown, Brighton, and Back Bay Boston.I’ve known both John and Cathy for over a decade and worked closely with both on a multitude of campaigns for Republican candidates, conservative ballot questions, and many issues which face Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Republican Party. No matter the need, both John and Cathy were there to help and even spearhead the effort.  

When I served as President of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly 5th Chapter, John served as my Vice President. Our Chapter was the largest at the time and the most active.

LETTER: Trees Need to be Protected in Watertown

To the Editor:

Ghost tree

Your fifty foot tall, towering presence would have held snow on your strong, healthy boughs today. Mourning doves would have stood on the boughs near your trunk for protection from the wind, their winter coats puffed up cozy among your pine needle feathers. Mother tree, so many miss you today. Rabbits’ secret shelter under boughs at your trunk, no longer here to offer a safe place to laugh at my barking dog. Chickadee, junco, winter birds who would rest on your branches when hawk was distracted elsewhere. They waited for me to fill the tube with seed to sustain them in this small piece of forest in city.

LETTER: Questions About New Position on Traffic Commission

By Linda ScottWatertown Resident

Democracy?  I know you’re out there somewhere…

This is not a letter that I could even imagine having to write, but here goes. When I looked at Tuesday night’s agenda for the City Council meeting, I noticed an unusual item. Then I started getting phone calls. Other people were curious about this item as well. So I got curious. Why would there be a sudden change to the structure of the Traffic Commission without any visible input from them?