Watertown High School Sports Teams Using Alternate Facilities During 3 Years of Construction

Natalie Nigito PhotographyWatertown High School’s football team begins the 2023 season with a road game in New Hampshire. They finished the 2022 season playing Belmont on the home field of the Boston Red Sox. Moving to a temporary school and dealing with a field undergoing a turf replacement has required Watertown High School’s athletics program to be creative. Watertown High School moved out of the old building on Columbia Street into the temporary modular school at PFC Richard Moxley Field for the start of the 2023-24 school year. WHS will also make use of facilities at the nearby Watertown Middle School, including for some of the sports programs. The new high school is expected to take three years to be constructed, and will be built on the same site as the old school.

Public Invited to Ribbon Cutting & Tour of Temporary High School at Moxley Field

A view of the temporary Watertown High School at Moxley Field from a presentation to the School Building Committee. (Courtesy of the Watertown Schools)

The public can get an inside look at the place where Watertown High School students will call home for the next three years. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the Watertown High School at Pvt. First Class Moxley Field on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 4:30 p.m.

“The public is welcome and invited to see what beautiful work has been done there for our temporary high school,” City Council President Mark Sideris said.

Traffic Commission to Discuss Changes Around Temporary High School

A map of the temporary high school site at Moxley Field showing the proposed changes to deal with traffic in the area. (Courtesy of the Watertown Public Schools). The Watertown High School Project team invites you to attend a scheduled Traffic Commission meeting on Wednesday June 28, at 7 p.m. at the Administration Building (149 Main Street) in the Philip Pane Meeting Room to finalize the traffic provisions that will be in effect for the duration of occupancy of the temporary high school located at Moxley Playground. This is an opportunity for community members to review the final version of the previously presented traffic plans that will result in an overall increase in safety for all surrounding residents and students. The below changes have been added to the final proposed plans after careful consideration by Watertown Public Schools and Watertown Police, as well as incorporating discussions from past meetings with the Community,:

• One (1) dedicated SRO [School Resource Officer] Parking space for each school (WMS and Moxley HS)• No through traffic on Bemis St.

Tour of Temporary High School Wows School & City Officials

Charlie BreitroseParker Helwig of J&J Contractors shows City and School officials around a classroom at the modular high school at Moxley Field. Ooos, aahs, and genuine surprise were the reactions of the Watertown School and City officials this week when they got a look inside the temporary high school going up at Moxley Field. Right now, the area between Main Street and Watertown Middle School has a bit of a barren feel, with the grey modulars in a large U on top of bare earth. Inside, the building feels much more like a typical school. The walls and ceilings are complete, except for the seams between the modules and the ceilings, which will be installed after the lights, electrical wires, fire sprinkler system and other systems are installed.

First Pieces of Temporary Modular High School Arrive in Watertown

Charlie BreitroseThe first three modular sections that will be part of the temporary Watertown High School were delivered to Moxley Field on Friday. The first sections of modular classrooms arrived at Moxley Field Friday, and will continue to trickle in until there are enough to build a two-story temporary campus to house Watertown High School during the construction of the new building. The interim campus will go up on what was the grassy area near Watertown Middle School. The high schoolers will also utilize an area of the Middle School during their three years at the site. When all are delivered, they will be installed.

Construction Underway at Temporary High School Site at Moxley Field

The following information was provided by the Watertown Public Schools, and was part of the Superintendent’s Update:

Construction activity is picking up at Moxley Field, the temporary Watertown High School site beginning next school year. Crews are preparing the property for the installation of the modular buildings, which is expected to begin in January. The new modular high school will house the entire Watertown High School population while the new school building is under construction. Construction is taking place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Deliveries to the site will not be permitted during Middle School morning dropoff and afternoon pickup to minimize disruption in the neighborhood. You can watch the most recent community forum on the Moxley construction efforts here and view a detailed presentation on the project timeline below.

Work on Temporary High School Campus at Moxley Field Beginning Soon, Community Meeting Planned

Ai3 ArchitectsA drawing of the temporary Watertown High School site at Moxley Field. See below for a version that be zoomed-in on. Watertown will be building a new high school building that will be located on the same property as the current school. While the new building is constructed, the school will move to a temporary campus to be located next to Watertown Middle School on the grassy area of Moxley Field. The following information was provided by the Compass Project Management, the consultant hired by the School Building Committee for the Watertown High School project:

We have a very exciting progress update for the Moxley Modular High School Project which is on schedule to start in earnest next week.