Watertown Police Say Goodbye to a Hero & a Good Guy

Sgt. John MacLellan greets one of the many people who came out to say goodbye to him at his retirement ceremony on Tuesday. Watertown Police Chief Michael Lawn summarized Sgt. John MacLellan’s career saying “The world would be a better place if there were John MacLellans in it.” Tuesday afternoon, one of the men involved in the shootout with and capture of the Boston Marathon Bombers got a hero’s farewell at the Watertown Police Station.

Career Highlight for One of the Heroes of the Watertown Shootout: Helping Others

As Watertown Sgt. John MacLellan approaches retirement, he said the best part of being a police officer is helping others. Here he looks for toys with a young boy during the Shop With a Cop event at Target in 2015. When asked about the highlights of his career with the Watertown Police Department, Sgt. John MacLellan did not point to the night that he tangled with Boston Marathon Bombers, but rather being able to help people.

Local Insurance Agency Thanks Watertown Police an Anniversary of Capture of Bombers

{The following post was provided by H&K Insurance.}

On April 19th, 2018, five years after the Boston Marathon bombing suspect died in a violent shootout in Watertown, Massachusetts, H&K Insurance hosted a breakfast for the Watertown Police and Fire Department to commensurate the anniversary of this pivotal day. From 10 to 12, a group of hungry officers entered the Community Room to be served hot scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and others pastries – the biggest commodity of them all being coffee. Lining the wall was a buffet style breakfast with a twist, the H&K staff stood one by one to serve them as they serve us every single day. “We are very thankful to the Watertown Police and Fire Department for all of their hard work and service to the community. In wake of what happened five years ago, we couldn’t think of a better way to show our appreciation by preparing a hearty breakfast,” remarked Brian Kilcoyne, President of H&K Insurance.

In Aftermath of Watertown Shootout, Police Created Group to Help Officers Deal with on the Job Stress

Thursday, April 19, 2018, marked the fifth anniversary of the day that Watertown Police faced the Boston Marathon Bombers in a shootout on the streets of East Watertown, but at the Watertown Police Station there was little fanfare to mark the day. 

“It’s another day at work, here,” said Police Chief Michael Lawn, who added that officers were treated to breakfast by H & K Insurance. The department’s roster of uniformed personnel in 2018 includes all the officers involved in the shootout five years ago, Lawn said, despite the fact that they faced suspects armed with guns and pressure-cooker bombs in action that lasted about eight minutes. Nationally, officers involved in shooting while on duty have a much higher rate of leaving the job, but Watertown has managed to beat the odds. “Why? Who’s to say?”

Which Scenes Shot in Watertown Made it Into ‘Patriots Day, What Stood in For the Town

Oscar-winning actor J.K. Simmons, center, speaks with Connie Pugliese during a break from filming in her home. The actor is portraying her husband Jeff, a Watertown Police sergeant in the film “Patriots Day.” Just like the real-life events of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Watertown features prominently in the movie “Patriots Day,” well sometimes it is the town, and others other locations played the part. Filmmakers spent several days in Watertown last spring shooting scenes at the former Watertown Police Station, the Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street, Main Street Mobile, the area near Greg’s Restaurant and the home of Watertown Police Sgt. Jeff Pugliese.

One of the Heroes of the Watertown Shootout Addresses the Rotary Club

Watertown Police Sgt. Jeff Pugliese, one of the officers who took on the Boston Marathon bombers in the Watertown Shootout, recently spoke with the Rotary Club of Watertown. Pugliese is a 37 year veteran of the Watertown Police Department. He shared some of the terrifying and horrific details from that night and gave Rotary members more insight into the event.

Local Reporter Tells Story of Boston Cop Who Died from Injures from the Watertown Shootout

The puzzling death of a Boston Police officer who was injured during the Watertown Shootout and died suddenly a year later was chronicled by Watertown-based reporter Adam Sennott. Boston Police Officer Dennis O. Simmonds was described as a model police officer, and was one of the officers who responded to the shootout with the Boston Marathon Bombers in Watertown. Though not publicized Simmonds was injured in the shootout. He was honored by the Boston Police and was presented an award from the National Association of Police Organizations by President Obama. A year later he died of what was called a brain aneurism, but an autopsy was not performed.

‘Patriots Day’ to Film in Watertown, Studio Donating to Town to Hire a Cop

The film about the Boston Marathon Bombings, and the events that followed in Watertown, will film a portion of the film at the old Police Station and a donation from the filmmakers will allow the town to hire an additional police officer. 

Watertown Town Manager Michael Driscoll revealed the news during his presentation of the Fiscal 2017 budget to the Town Council, Tuesday night. “The submitted Fiscal Year 2017 budget includes funding of one additional police officer above Fiscal Year 2016 level as a result of CBS Films providing $60,000 to the Town, primarily related to the filming of scenes of the ‘Patriots Day’ movie at the former Police Station,” Driscoll said. The police officer will bring the total uniformed officers in town up to 67, Driscoll said, including 49 patrol officers. The department also has nine dispatchers, four civilian employees and crossing guards at spots around town. In future years, the additional officer town officials will have to find room in the town’s operating budget to pay for the officer added through CBS Films’ donation, Driscoll said.