Changes Planned to Some Watertown Bus Routes, MBTA Hosting Meeting Wednesday Night

Charlie BreitroseAn MBTA bus in Watertown. The MBTA announced changes to services beginning on Dec. 19, 2021, including decreased frequency and schedule changes for some bus lines serving Watertown. The 70 bus line from Waltham to the Central Square area in Cambridge will have decreased frequency during weekday mornings and afternoons, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday afternoons. The 504 express bus from Watertown Yard to Copley Square will have decrease frequency in the morning and afternoon.

Many Watertown Bus Routes Will See Service Changes in Fall

The 71 bus will have increased service beginning Aug. 30. It is one of several MTBA routes serving Watertown that will see changes. Several bus routes serving Watertown will see changes in service beginning August 30, including increased service on the 70 and 71 buses. Other routes begin operating on a limited schedule, or route, one will have increased weekend service and one will continue to be suspended.

Watertown Bus Routes will be Impacted by Changes Approved by MBTA

Bus service in Watertown may be changed for the better after an MBTA board approved changes to dozens of bus routes around the region. Out of 47 proposals to change the T’s bus routes, 36 received approval from the Fiscal and Management Control Board, including nine that had modifications. The proposals impact two sets of buses in Watertown: the 70/70A route and the 502 and 504 express buses. The board also approved 45 additional bus operators to increase off-peak service on some of the busiest routes. The 70/70A will see some a major changs in the route through Waltham, which MBTA officials say will improve frequency and reliability along the whole route from Central Square in Cambridge to Waltham.

Proposed Changes to Buses in Watertown, Fare Hikes Discussed at MBTA Meeting

Residents learned about proposed changes to MBTA service in and around Watertown on Monday night at the Watertown Police Station. MBTA officials visited Watertown Monday night to talk about changes to bus routes, increasing T fares and offering new ways for riders to pay fares. Those who attended the open house at the Watertown Police Station’s Community Room were eager to see ways the public transit system could be improved. Changing Routes

One of the biggest topics of interest was the MBTA’s proposals to change to routes in efforts to make them more efficient and reliable. Among the routes that are part of the Better Bus Project are the 70/70A and the express buses that come and go from Watertown Yard.

Input Sought at Meeting on Improving the T’s 70/70A Buses

MBTA bus. The Watertown Transportation Task Force sent out the following information:

If you support improving this bus line, make your voice heard at the MBTA’s community meeting Tuesday, February 12, 6-8 pm, at the Watertown Free Public Library. The MBTA’s Better Bus Project has recently completed proposals for improvements in bus services.  Most important for Watertown riders is a long-awaited change in 70/70A service that should make the bus come on time and more often to those of us who ride it. Specifically they are proposing to de-couple the 70 from the 70A and increase the frequency of service down Main Street, Arsenal Street and all the way on to Cambridge.  The new route 70A would operate only between North Waltham and Waltham Center. Route 70 would run a little more often and with a more consistent schedule that will finally allow people to plan their commutes with confidence.