See How Much the City Proposes Charging New Developments to Fund Affordable Housing

Watertown City Hall

The City of Watertown recently received approval from the state to charge linkage fees on new developments to raise money to create affordable housing. A zoning amendment has been proposed that would set the fee to be paid by new developments. The special legislation approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Charlie Baker in December allows Watertown to charge up to $18 per square foot on projects over 30,000 sq. ft. The exact amount must be set by amending the Watertown Zoning Ordinance.

Apartment Complex Could be Build Near Watertown on IHOP Site

A Google Maps screenshot showing the IHOP (the red dot) on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton, on the other side of the Charles River from Squibnocket Park in Watertown. A project with 200 housing units and commercial will be built on that site and the site where a former motel sits. The late-night dining destination on the other side of the Charles River from Watertown may become a complex with residential and commercial space. Universal Hub reports the plans will soon be filed for a residential project on property on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton where the IHOP (1850 Soldiers Field Road) and motel stand. The location sits near where North Beacon Street crosses from Watertown heading east, and converges with Soldiers Field Road, Nonantum Road, and the Birmingham Parkway in a rotary intersection.

State Legislature Allowing Watertown to Charge Developer Fees to Fund Affordable Housing

Wikimedia Commons / ChensiyuanMassachusetts State House. City officials will be able to charge new developments a fee that would go toward creating affordable housing in Watertown after receiving approval from the state level. The City Council requested special legislation to be passed that allows them to charge linkage fees of up to $18 per square foot for commercial projects over 30,000 sq. ft. that require zoning relief.

UPDATED: Developers Hosting Virtual Meeting on Garage Planned Near Watertown Mall

Alexandria Real Estate EquitiesA conceptual drawing of the garage that may go at 480 Arsenal Way, and would be part of the “Watertown Mall Transformation.” (UPDATE: The date of the meeting was changed because the original date conflicted with the Hanukkah holiday. The new date is reflected in the story). The following announcement was sent out by the City of Watertown:

Please join Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (ARE) for a review and discussion on plans for a proposed garage in the front section of the surface parking area at 480 Arsenal Way. The purpose of this meeting is to update the public with ARE’s proposed plans to develop the garage, as part of ARE’s Watertown Mall transformation.

Preliminary Plans Submitted for Multi-Story Garage at Transformed Watertown Mall

Alexandria Real Estate EquitiesA conceptual drawing of the garage that may go at 480 Arsenal Way, and would be part of the “Watertown Mall Transformation.” The first step in the redevelopment of the Watertown Mall, and neighboring properties, appears to be the construction of a multi-level parking garage. It would be part of a complex that includes life science buildings, retail, and second parking garage. Alexandria Real Estate Equities submitted preliminary plans to the Watertown Planning Department for a 700-vehicle garage that would be built at 480 Arsenal Way. It is part of what developers are calling the “Watertown Mall Transformation Project.”

LETTER: Former Councilor’s Shares Letter on Development from 2016

In response to recent projects being approved and proposed in Watertown, former District A Councilor Angeline Kounelis sent out a letter she submitted to Planning Board and City Officials in December 2016 regarding the property at 485-615 Arsenal St. (Arsenal Yards) and the Master Plan Special Permit. She added that she voted against the 2015 Watertown Comprehensive Plan and the 2016 Regional Mixed Use District. Greetings,


For many years; many of us have been advocating for: “…balance…for viable development that will blend with less consequence on our community and its residents.” Although some of the then proposed site specifics for Arsenal Yards have changed; the location remains: “a city within a city with amenities galore for its prospective residents.”

Developers Have Vision for Site at Pleasant St. & Rosedale Ave.

Broder/CBTAn illustration of the potential designs for a project at Pleasant Street and Rosedale Avenue, which would include a life science building, a garage and retail space. A project has been envisioned for a major parcel on Pleasant Street that would add a life science building, retail and a parking garage. Broder and CBT seek a Site Plan Review application for a project on the former Cannistraro property (and the former home of the Plumbing Museum) at the corner of Pleasant Street and Rosedale Ave. The project includes multiple parcels: 275 & 313 Pleasant St., 80 Rosedale Road and 60 Acton St. Project documents were submitted to the Watertown Planning Department and posted on the City website on Nov.

Two Proposed Life Science Buildings to Go Before Planning Board

A rendering of the building proposed for 490 Arsenal Way, known as Linx II. The Planning Board will consider two life science buildings proposed to go on existing biotech sites in Watertown when it meets on Wednesday, Nov. 16. The first is at 490 Arsenal Way, where Columbia Massachusetts Arsenal Office Properties LLC seeks to build a 104,000 sq. ft.