LETTER: Watertown Father Excited for New Hosmer School


Yesterday (Tuesday) my family and I toured the new Hosmer elementary school. It was so exciting! The school building committee, architects, and construction crews have done a great job. The whole thing was beautiful. I loved the colorful hallways, big open classrooms and warm, welcoming environs all around.

See Photos from the Opening of the New Hosmer School & Rededication

Charlie BreitroseParents and students head to the grand opening celebration of the new Hosmer School on Feb. 1, 2022. Watertown’s newest elementary school opened for the public to see Tuesday afternoon, and the bright and spacious three-story Hosmer School wowed those who roamed its halls and classrooms.

Superintendent Dede Galdston welcomed attendees who crowded the courtyard between the two wings of the Eastside school, and noted that it was just four months ago that the City opened another new school. “Many superintendents and city managers go through their entire career never opening a school and here we are opening the second in a year and a third on the way,” Galdston said, referring to Cunniff and Lowell schools. “And a new high school in the not too distant future.”

New Hosmer to be Rededicated to Include Artist Harriet, Lowell School Moving Pair of Interim Spots

Hosmer SchoolThe new Hosmer Elementary School is nearly finished and the ribbon cutting will be held on Feb. 1. Construction will soon be complete on the new Hosmer Elementary School, and the public will get a chance to tour the new building. The school will be rededicated to the original Hosmers, along with their daughter, a renowned artist. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Hosmer School will take place on Tuesday, Feb.

Upgrades to Softball Facilities Planned at O’Connell Field as Part of Hosmer School Project

Ai3 ArchitectsA map of the proposed additions to O’Connell Field, shown in yellow. The white pathways are already in the plans. The athletic fields at O’Connell Field will likely be getting some upgrades as part of the construction of the new Hosmer Elementary School, but some neighbors are concerned about the loss of green space and other issues. At Wednesday night’s School Building Committee meeting, designers presented a preliminary design for upgrades to O’Connell Field, which runs along Mt. Auburn Street in front of the Brigham House and sits next to Hosmer’s playground.

Family & Friends Celebrate Memory of Girl Who Built Strong Friendships, Inspired People in Her Lifetime

Charlie BreitroseFriends of Lora Karaguesian sit on the Buddy Bench at Hosmer School dedicated in her memory. Watertown’s Lora Karaguesian’s life was cut short, but in her 11 years she made many close friendships and lasting memories. Recently, her family and friends gathered to remember her big smile and bright personality, and leave a lasting memorial at her old elementary school. On Sept. 18, a bench with a plaque in Lora’s memory was dedicated by more than 30 family members and friends.

LETTER: Former Recreation Director Suggests Using Old Hosmer Building for Temporary High School

The following letter was originally sent to Watertown Public Schools officials:

Good Day,

How many students will be in the swing space high school while construction is going on of the new high school? How many students can the soon to be old Hosmer School hold? Portable classrooms can be placed on the Chauncey St. side of the Hosmer to handle the needed classroom and other activities needed to keep grades 9 to 12 together. I would think this arrangement would still save the town many millions of dollars.

Watertown’s Elementary School Projects to Finish Months Ahead of Schedule

Recent photos of the construction at Hosmer (left) and Cunniff elementary schools. The construction of the new Cunniff and Hosmer elementary schools will be completed several months ahead of schedule. Students at Cunniff are projected to move into their new school three months early. At Hosmer, children and staff will return seven months early, with the entire project scheduled to be completed a year early, said Vivian Varbedian from owner’s project manager firm Hill International. The School Building Committee received the news last week, and it was shared with the Town Council on Tuesday night.