Man Charged with Having Unlicensed Firearm After Road Rage Incident in Watertown

A Watertown man faces a series of charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of an firearm without a serial number, after being involved in a road rage incident on Wednesday. Watertown Police Chief Justin Hanrahan has announced Friday that Ali Alananzeh, 23, of Watertown, was arraigned today in connection with the road rage incident that occurred on March 20 at the intersection of Grove Street and Coolidge Avenue. The incident was reported at about 1 a.m. on Thursday. “The victim reported that he was turning onto Grove Street when the driver of another vehicle, later identified as Mr. Ali Alananzeh, swerved in front him and blocked his vehicle,” said the Watertown Police announcement. “The driver then exited the vehicle before reportedly displayed a knife and proceeding to open the trunk of his vehicle and threatened to retrieve a gun and shoot the victim.

Watertown Police Arrest Man Who Smashed Cruiser Windshield, Punched Two Officers

A Watertown man faces multiple charges after he smashed the windshield of a Police car and punched two police officers before he was talked down and placed under arrest early Thursday morning. One of the officers went to the hospital to have a broken nose treated, and the man was determined to have a history of mental issues, according to Watertown Police Lt. James O’Connor. Shortly after 3 a.m. on Feb. 17, officers at the Watertown Police Station spotted a man on security cameras coming down the driveway and walking up to a cruiser parked near the city park in back of the Police Station. He then hit the windshield of the car several times with what was later discovered to be a hammer.