Watertown Hires Familiar Face to be New City Clerk

Noelle Gilligan, right, has been named Watertown’s City Clerk. Here she gave the oath to the School Committee members, from left, Rachel Kay, Kendra Foley, and Lisa Capoccia, when Gilligan was the interim clerk. (Photo by Charlie Breitrose)

The City of Watertown sent out the following announcement:

Congratulations to Noelle Gilligan, who has been appointed and sworn in as Watertown’s new City Clerk, effective today, Monday, January 22, 2024. Noelle has been a key member of the Clerk’s Office staff for five years, providing customer service while coordinating many aspects of licensing and elections, first working with City Clerk, John Flynn, and then with Janet Murphy, who recently left the office. Noelle stepped up into the new Deputy Clerk role, and quickly hit the ground running when it came time to become Acting City Clerk, organizing important documents, and leading an effective city election this past November.

Early Voting in 2023 Election Approved by City Council; Fewer Days Than Prior Years

Watertown voters will have the opportunity to cast ballots in person before election day in the 2023 Watertown City Election, but there will be fewer early voting days than previous elections. Under the state’s VOTES Act cities and towns have the opportunity to offer early voting, but must opt in. For Watertown that means a vote of the City Council, said City Clerk Janet Murphy. Voters will also be able to vote by mail, and at voting locations on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023.

Watertown City Clerk Available to Perform Weddings

The City of Watertown sent out the following information:

We are excited to announce that after a long hiatus, the City Clerk’s office will start performing wedding ceremonies again at City Hall beginning May 1, 2023! For couples seeking a short and simple wedding ceremony, the City Clerk’s office will offer the ability to be married by one of our on-staff Justices of the Peace here at City Hall. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 617-972-6486 or cityclerk@watertown-ma.gov to inquire.

Watertown Election Officials: Confirm Your Voter Registration, Even if You Voted Recently

The Watertown Board of Election Commissioners said that residents may have been removed from the voter registration list if they have not returned their City Census this year. The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 8 election is just a couple weeks away. The return rate for the City Census was lower than previous years, and as many as one-third of voters may be removed from the list, according to an announcement from the Board of Election Commissioners. Residents can check if they are registered to vote on the Secretary of State’s website and providing their name, date of birth and zip code.

Check Your Precinct Location Postcards, They May be Incorrect

Charlie BreitroseSome of the precinct locations change postcards, such as those above, have the wrong information on them. The City Clerk’s Office encourages voters to check their voting location. The City of Watertown sent out postcards to residents in precincts that will be voting in a different location from the previous election. However, many of the cards show the incorrect information. The postcards were delivered Wednesday, Aug.

Watertown Upgrading Technology at Voting Sites for Next Election

Charlie Breitrose

Watertown voters will see some new technology when they vote in 2022. The City Clerk’s Office will use computer tablets which officials hope will streamline the check-in at the polls, and speed up the counting process. Last week, City Clerk Janet Murphy told the City Council about the poll pads that will be used in Watertown. They replace the large paper voter list books that have been used at precincts in Watertown. She was asked if the poll pad comes on an Apple iPad tablet.