Check Your Precinct Location Postcards, They May be Incorrect

Charlie BreitroseSome of the precinct locations change postcards, such as those above, have the wrong information on them. The City Clerk’s Office encourages voters to check their voting location. The City of Watertown sent out postcards to residents in precincts that will be voting in a different location from the previous election. However, many of the cards show the incorrect information. The postcards were delivered Wednesday, Aug.

Watertown Upgrading Technology at Voting Sites for Next Election

Charlie Breitrose

Watertown voters will see some new technology when they vote in 2022. The City Clerk’s Office will use computer tablets which officials hope will streamline the check-in at the polls, and speed up the counting process. Last week, City Clerk Janet Murphy told the City Council about the poll pads that will be used in Watertown. They replace the large paper voter list books that have been used at precincts in Watertown. She was asked if the poll pad comes on an Apple iPad tablet.