LETTER: District A Candidate Backed by Pair of Watertown Residents

We are writing today to endorse Nicole Gardner to become our next District A Councilor. Nicole is the best person to represent us and work for our whole community, and we encourage our fellow East End residents to cast their vote for her on November 2nd! As Watertown residents who have raised our families in the East End, we know many of our neighbors from our work on the East End newsletter, the Greenway bicycle path, the bicycle-pedestrian committee, or the mural in Coolidge Square—or perhaps from saving the East End Post Office, making the CVS a more welcoming building, or establishing the community garden on Nichols Avenue. 

Many more important community issues and opportunities will be coming up in the next few years. We need Nicole’s voice, values, expertise, and experience on the Town Council. We have known Nicole since she first moved into our neighborhood, practically next door.

LETTER: Owner of Community Health Center Endorses Candidate for District A Councilor

I have been a Watertown resident since 2005, raising my children while founding an expressive arts community center in Watertown, ARTrelief, with my wife. I’m writing today to enthusiastically endorse Nicole Gardner for District A Town Councilor and I encourage all my East End neighbors to cast their vote for her on election day, November 2nd. I first met Nicole Gardner through the Buy Nothing Watertown Project, which she has grown from a niche interest to a network of 2,500 residents across town. Nicole’s community-building energy, enthusiasm, and initiative helped me connect with my neighbors and get more involved around issues that matter to me, such as the environment and consumerism, as well as raising our children in a safe community where people know and look out for each other. In the time I have known her, Nicole has shown strong leadership abilities, not only in thinking about creating a diverse leadership team for Buy Nothing Watertown but also in her ability to motivate others in working towards a common vision.

LETTER: Resident Endorses Candidate for District A Town Councilor

Dear Editor,

At age 76 years old, this is the first time I have ever written a letter to a newspaper editor. I’m writing today to urge my East End neighbors to vote on November 2 for District A Town Council candidate Nicole Gardner. At a time when local and national political engagement has never been so important, Nicole brings 35 years of corporate leadership experience to our town and neighborhood. I know that she’ll work hard to address issues that matter to me, like affordability, housing and business development, expanding green spaces, and sustainability. To learn more about Nicole’s accomplishments and commitments, I recommend visiting her website, nicoleforwatertown.com.